Your question: How do I add a payout to my Facebook page?

How do I set up a payout account?

Go to Finance > Payout accounts. Select Add payout account > Add new. Select your bank account’s country, choose a supported payout currency, fill in the bank account details, and upload a bank statement for the account you’re adding. Select Submit.

Where is the payouts tab on Facebook?

View the Facebook Payout Hub from your Facebook Page

  1. Click the drop-down icon at the top right corner of Facebook and select Settings and Privacy, then Settings.
  2. In the side navigation, click Payouts.
  3. Click on the Payout Account ID drop-down, and select the account you want to view or update.

How do I accept a payment on Facebook?

How do I add or remove a payment method in Messenger?

  1. Open your Messenger app.
  2. Tap your profile picture in the top left.
  3. Scroll down and tap Facebook Pay.
  4. Tap Add new debit card or PayPal.
  5. Tap Add Debit Card or Add PayPal.
  6. Enter your payment method information, then tap Save.

Can I accept payments on my Facebook business page?

Facebook Pay is available to businesses through Facebook Shops and Marketplace. … Please sign up if you are interested in accepting Facebook Pay and we’ll be sure to keep you posted on product updates and availability.

What is a payout account on Facebook?

A payment received from Facebook for in-stream ads in your videos is known as a payout. You can set up and edit your payout methods from Creator Studio. To do so, click the Monetization tab, then click Payout Settings.

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