Why is Instagram requiring my phone number?

Why Does Instagram Ask for Phone Verification? … Keeping you and other users safe—Requesting a phone number makes registering and managing an account difficult for spammers and people who create multiple accounts.

How do I get Instagram to stop asking for my phone number?

Log out from all devices and wait a couple hours. When you log in again, like a pic or something so Instagram will ask you for the code again, add your phone number starting with your country code.

Why do I have to put my phone number on Instagram?

It’s just a way to verify your account. The two step-verification is just one method two make sure your account is safe and can be recovered in case you forget your login data. You are not required to add your phone numbers, also it won’t be displayed for other users.

Is a phone number required for Instagram?

Yes you can, all you need is email or facebook account to create an instagram account. Phone number is not really necessary in instagram .

Why does Instagram keep making me verify my account?

Instagram plans to start asking accounts it deems suspicious to verify their identities using a government-issued ID. … In its blog post, Instagram says this move is meant to help the company understand when accounts are “attempting to mislead their followers,” and keep the Instagram community safe.

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Why dont I get SMS from Instagram?

Ensure that you have service and you can receive the SMS code. Change the phone number on your account to your most recent phone number. … Use an alternate verification mode or reset the recovery codes from within your Instagram account (follow Instagram’s instructions to do this; must be logged in).

What is suspicious activity on Instagram?

Suspicious activity on Instagram can include anything from inappropriate or offensive behavior to repetitive or great amounts of activity within a short period of time. Behavior refers to all activity including posting photos or videos, commenting, messaging, creating search histories, and in some cases, liking.

Does Instagram notify you if you get verified?

Once we review your request, you’ll receive a notification in Activity up to 30 days after applying letting you know if your account has been verified or not. You can tap in the top right to see notifications in Activity. If your request is denied, you can submit a new request again in 30 days.

How much time does it take for Instagram verification?

How Long Does It Take To Get Verified On Instagram? There is no exact period of time for how long does it take to get verified on Instagram. Sometimes accounts get the blue tick in a couple of days only, but experts recommend that you start checking your IG notifications 3 to 4 days after sending a request.