Why does my Instagram keep crashing when I try to post a reel?

Instagram crashes are usually caused by one of three reasons: Your Instagram app needs to be updated. Your device is low on memory (cache needs to be cleared) Your Instagram app has become corrupted.

Why is Instagram crashing when I try to post a video?

If the latest version of Instagram is not installed, your app is more likely to crash. Push any updates available for Instagram specifically or for the operating system as a whole. If the problem persists, uninstall the Instagram app then do a fresh re-install and test again. This should fix the problem.

Why won’t Instagram upload my reel?

You could have forgotten to update Instagram if you can’t find the Reels in your app. It’s possible that the Reels option isn’t working or showing because of an outdated version. To use the Reels, you must upgrade your app to the most recent edition.

Why does Instagram close when I try to post a story?

First, try clearing memory on your phone by restarting. You might have a lot of apps running in the background. Turn your phone off and on again. If that doesn’t work, reinstall the app itself.

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Why my reels are not working?

A temporary bug or glitch on your Instagram account may be the reason why Reels isn’t working. The easiest way to fix that scenario, especially when multiple accounts are signed into your Instagram app, is by logging out of your account then back in: From the bottom right corner, tap on your profile pic.

Why does Instagram keep crashing on my Iphone?

One way to clear temporary files (cache) and data on an iOS app like Instagram is to uninstall and then reinstall the app. Clearing cache or data from the Instagram app can fix any software errors that might have caused it to crash. … When the icons start to jiggle, tap the X in the upper side of the Instagram app icon.

How long can IG reels be?

Instagram Reels is where you can share short entertaining video clips of up to 60 seconds where you can also add effects, music and filters.

How do I fix my Instagram from crashing?

Power down the phone completely, wait a few minutes then restart the phone. Test the app after the phone is restarted. If the app is still crashing, check your phone for updates. If the latest version of Instagram is not installed, your app is more likely to crash.

What is the video size limit for Instagram?

The minimum Instagram vertical video dimensions are 600 x 750. The maximum Instagram file size is 4GB. The maximum frame rate is 30fps. While there is no minimum length for vertical videos, the maximum Instagram video length is 60 seconds.

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Did Instagram remove reels?

Instagram tells us it will now be rebranded as “Instagram Video” and will host the “Instagram Video” formatted content, along with Instagram Live videos. But it will not host Reels videos.

How do you post a reel on Instagram?

How to make Reels on Instagram

  1. Open the Reels feature. After you open your Instagram app, press the “+” button at the bottom-center of the screen. …
  2. Choose your video length. …
  3. Add music to your Reel. …
  4. Choose your speed. …
  5. Choose your effects. …
  6. Set your timer. …
  7. Record your video. …
  8. Put text on the Reel.

Can reels be 60 seconds?

The current maximum length of Instagram Reels is 60 seconds. Prior to that, the maximum length was 30 seconds, but Instagram decided to increase it due to competition from TikTok. One of the biggest competitors of the platform is TikTok recently expanded the time limit on videos to 3 minutes.