Where do pinned groups go on Facebook?

When you “pin” a post on your Facebook Timeline, it will stay at the top-left of your timeline for 7 days.

What happens when you pin a group?

You can easily pin a post in a Facebook group on a computer or mobile device. The post you pin in a Facebook group permanently puts it at the top of the Group page.

What does pinned Facebook group mean?

If you are a Facebook group admin and would like to know how to create a pinned post on your Facebook group, you are at the right place. … Creating a pinned post in your Facebook group means that the selected post will remain at the top of your group unless you remove it.

What is pinned group?

In mathematics, the pin group is a certain subgroup of the Clifford algebra associated to a quadratic space. … In general the map from the Pin group to the orthogonal group is not onto or a universal covering space, but if the quadratic form is definite (and dimension is greater than 2), it is both.

How do I Unjoin a group in Facebook?

How do I leave a Facebook group?

  1. From your News Feed, tap then tap Groups.
  2. Tap Groups and select the group you want to leave.
  3. Tap Joined below the cover photo and select Leave Group.

How do you pin a video on Facebook?

Here are the steps to Pin a Post on your Facebook Page:

  1. Find the update you want to Pin.
  2. Click the … edit button on the right of that update. ( the 3 dots)
  3. Click “Pin to Top of Page”.
  4. This will place the update at the top of your content and with a little notification on the left – this tells you it has been pinned.
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How do I pin a comment on Facebook?

On your profile page that opens, find the post you want to pin. At the top-right corner of the post, click the three dots. From the three-dots menu, select “Pin Post.”