What happens if I delete my Facebook app on iPad?

Uninstalling/deleting the Facebook app from either Android or iPhone doesn’t remove your Facebook profile. People can still view your Facebook profile, and your photos and message will not be deleted because they are saved in the cloud storage to your account and not on your device.

Does deleting Facebook app delete everything?

Remember that deleting the Facebook app doesn’t delete your account — you can still access it from the browser and other apps might still use Facebook as a login. Removing the icon from your phone gets it out of sight and mind, but it doesn’t do anything to your overall account.

Can I delete Facebook app from iPad?

Go to your device’s settings and open your application manager. Tap Facebook. Tap Uninstall. To reinstall the Facebook for Android app, download it again from the Google Play Store.

Does deleting an app on iPad uninstall it?

You can delete apps on an iPad directly from the home screen or in Settings. When you delete an app on your iPad, you will lose all of its saved data. If you want to remove an app but save its data, you should offload it instead.

What happens if I delete Facebook app and reinstall?

Uninstalling the app will just delete the front end (only the app) from your phone which you can redownlaod and login again. Everything is working through FB servers far away and that app only give you the access to your profile on server so deleting and app is nothing to do with your data on FB.

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What will I lose if I delete Facebook app?

While uninstalling the apps doesn’t do any damage, clearing app data on Android will delete the downloaded media files for the respective app and log you out from the apps. Logging out from the app is equivalent to uninstalling it.