Should you add your employees on Facebook?

Should Managers be Facebook Friends with Employees? Signs Point to No. … Facebook is a fun way to keep in touch with family and friends, but it can cause quite a few problems. If you work in a professional environment in which you manage others, it may be best not to mix your work life with your personal life.

Is it OK to add coworkers on Facebook?

It may seem like a good idea at the time, but adding any of your bosses or even your coworkers on Facebook can have some dire consequences. If you must add them, put them on a severely limited profile and watch what you visibly post.

Should a boss be friends with employees on social media?

It can be risky for both bosses and workers to connect on social media. Employers, for example, risk accusations of favoritism or even inappropriate behavior if they like or comment on employees’ posts or photos. … For employees, befriending bosses on social media can get them into hot water in a hurry.

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Should a boss be friends with employees on Facebook?

Your boss may or may not be willing to connect on Facebook. … And if your manager is already Facebook friends with your peers, it’s probably OK to connect. Also, check with human resources to make sure the company doesn’t have a policy prohibiting managers from being Facebook friends with their subordinates.

Should you unfriend coworkers?

On this, social media experts agree: The answer is yes. “It’s OK to block, unfriend or shut down an account for pretty much any reason,” said Daniel Post Senning, the great-great grandson of etiquette icon Emily Post and a co-author of the 18th edition of “Emily Post’s Etiquette.”

Should I unfriend my boss on Facebook?

If it’s unhealthy to see them amongst your Facebook friends, unfriend them. If it doesn’t feel right to have them as your Facebook friend, unfriend them. If befriending them on Facebook does not serve you any good, unfriend them. If you just simply don’t want to see them on your Facebook for some reason, unfriend them.

What do you do when your boss friend request you on Facebook?

If you hide or ignore request, your profile will continue to show “Friendship requested”, which may lead your boss to assume you haven’t seen it.

What do you do when your boss wants to be friends on Facebook?

If so, there’s nothing wrong with simply having a personal policy of restricting your Facebook contacts to family and close friends, and saying so. If you don’t really use it often, you can tell your boss that — or just accept his request, mute him and restrict his access to your activity.

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Why managers should not be friends with employees?

Remember Who’s The Boss

Being too friendly can jeopardize your authority. “Attempting to be friends with your employees makes providing feedback and performance appraisals difficult and puts you at risk for claims of favoritism,” says Devora Zack, CEO of Only Connect Consulting, Inc.

Can you add employees on Facebook?

However, adding an employee on Facebook can streamline this process and maintaining a healthy work relationship can seem simpler. … Friending an employee on Facebook is not a recommendation and it is not against any rules either. It is more tailored to each individual business and group of people.

Should you add coworkers on social media?

If you’re unsure about sharing your personal social content with colleagues and your boss, then don’t. It’s okay to ignore or decline requests and connect with colleagues or your boss in other ways instead. If you do have co-workers following you on social media, always be sure to think twice about what you post.