Quick Answer: How do you share a screen video on Instagram?

How do you share your computer screen on Instagram?

Instagram Live: How to Broadcast from Your Desktop

  1. Go to Loola.tv and sign-in with your Google Account. …
  2. Configure your social media accounts. …
  3. Connect your camera. …
  4. Connect your mic. …
  5. Select which channels you want to live stream to. …
  6. Click the ‘Go Live’ on the upper right-hand corner of the interface.

How do you share someone else’s video on Instagram?

To invite someone to your live video, tap on the icon with two smiley faces and tap on his or her name. (You can only invite someone who is viewing your live video.) To join someone else’s live video, tap “Request” and then “Send Request”.

How do you share your phone screen on Instagram video?

When in the call, swipe up on the bottom toolbar (where you see the call end button.) You will see an option to share your screen. Tap the Share your Screen button and tap Continue to confirm. Once done, your friends will start to see your smartphone screen on the video call or audio call.

Can u repost a video on Instagram?

To repost a video to your Instagram Story, tap the paper plane icon underneath the video post you want to share. There’s no built-in way to repost Instagram videos to your profile — you’ll need to make a screen recording of it, or use a third-party app like Repost.

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How do you video chat and Instagram at the same time?

Open Instagram on your Android or iOS device. Head to the Direct Message section in the top right corner. Tap on the video chat icon in the desired chatbox. Once the video call starts, you can click on the photo icon present in the bottom left corner during the video chat.