Quick Answer: Can someone who is not your friend post on your Facebook page?

Can someone post on your wall if they are not your friend?

Your Friends

If the person whose Wall you post on has kept her profile hidden from non-friends, then your own friends will not necessarily be able to see your posts on her Wall. The only people on your friend list that will see your posts are those users who are also friends with the Wall owner.

Can you post on someone’s Facebook Timeline if you’re not friends?

You can write on their timeline if you are friends with them. If not – send them a direct message and ask a question or give them your number to text more information. Your posts may not appear if they have the moderating setting checked.

Can you like someone’s post if you’re not friends?

Yes, it depends on their privacy settings, whether it is posted as “Public” or “Friends” or Some Customized list. It is just that if you see “Like” button, you can; if not, you cannot, and same goes for “Comment” and “Share” options.

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How do I mention someone on Facebook who is not my friend?

But what if you want to mention someone who isn’t a friend? That’s when you can use the @ symbol. Type @ and immediately begin to type a name, like, “@mike” and you will immediately get a list of people whom you may or may not be currently connected with.

Can others post on Facebook page?

Go to your page’s Admin Panel. From the Edit Page menu, choose Edit Settings. There, you will see an item named Posting Ability, which is apparently current set to “Anyone can post to my page timeline”.

Can non friends see my comments on Facebook?

Unfortunately, you can’t hide your Facebook comments. Only the person who initially shared the post can change the privacy settings of that post. … As long as the post’s privacy is set to Public, it will remain visible. And so will your comment.

Why does Facebook say a post has 1 comment but when you click the link nothing shows up?

The reason why you are seeing “1 comment” but nothing showed up is because: That particular user who commented has a privacy level where he/she is invisible to public (which means if you are not a friend to that user, you cannot see their comments) That particular user might have blocked you from seeing the comment.

What happens when you tag someone who isn’t your friend on Facebook?

A new feature available on Facebook profiles now lets profile owners tag non-friends in the comments threads of their public posts. … Tagging another Facebook user in your response will alert them via notifications that they’ve been pinged, calling better attention to your comment and helping to cultivate better dialog.

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How do I find a comment I was mentioned in on Facebook?

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  1. Open Facebook on your browser.
  2. Click the World icon for Notifications.
  3. Click See All.
  4. Press Control + F (PC) or command + F (Mac).
  5. Type “mentioned you in a comment” in the search.
  6. Scroll down and click on a notification.

How do you find out who mentioned you on Facebook?

Seeing mentions of your page is easy.

  1. Go to your Facebook page. Make sure you’re logged in and that you are a page admin.
  2. At the top of your page, click Notifications.
  3. On the left-hand side of the next screen, click Activity.
  4. In the drop-down box click Mentions.