How long does it take to download your TikTok data?

You can submit a request to download your TikTok data. The request may take a few days, and the data will be open for downloads four days after it is made available.

What happens when you download your TikTok data?

You can also retrieve your previous activities such as videos, comment history, chat history, purchase history, likes and favorites. App settings like privacy settings, notification settings, and language settings are also retrievable if you download the data file of your TikTok account.

How do I download all TikTok data?

On your phone, open TikTok and tap the three-dots icon in the top-right corner. Tap Privacy and safety > tap Personalization and data > tap Download your data. On the next screen, you need to tap Request data file. Hitting this button sends a request to TikTok for downloading your data.

How do I view TikTok data once downloaded?

First, head to your profile, then tap the vertical or horizontal ellipsis in the top right. Next, tap “Privacy and safety,” then “Personalization and data.” Now, tap “Download TikTok Data.” Once the page loads, you’ll see a list of the data your request will contain, which we covered in the section above.

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How much data does TikTok use per hour?

There are a lot of variables that impact how much TikTok is using, but a good comparison is 1GB of cellular data per 1 hour of video. If you watch TikTok videos for one hour today, you’ve used 1GB of your internet allotment provided by your cellular carrier.

Will uninstalling TikTok delete my drafts?

Drafts will remain indefinitely on your TikTok account. … It must be noted, however, that if you uninstall the TikTok app, you will lose all your saved drafts. The best way around this is by saving your drafts to your local storage. That way you are sure to have a copy of them.

How do I download data from TikTok after ban?

How to request your data from TikTok?

  1. Open TikTok app and tap on the three-dots icon at the top right.
  2. Select Privacy and Safety > Personalisation and Data.
  3. Click on Download Your Data.
  4. Choose Request Data File.

How can I recover a deleted TikTok video?

How to Recover Deleted Tiktok Videos on Android from Google Photos

  1. Open your Google Photos app.
  2. At the top left of the screen, tap “Menu”.
  3. Select “Trash”.
  4. Choose the TikTok videos you want to recover.
  5. Tap the “Restore” icon.

Can you scrape TikTok?

Once your account has been created, go to Documentation, to the “Data Scraper API” section to be able to start scraping what you want. Setting up the endpoint is a two-step process with two API calls. It’s a little longer than usual because social networks have many protections to avoid robots and get scraped.

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Does TikTok data show search history?

TikTok doesn’t have a “Watch History” button, unlike many other apps. If you want to access watched videos through your profile, you’ll have to request a data file from TikTok. This data contains all the information related to your profile, including a list of all videos you’ve watched. … Tap Request data file.

What happens if you don’t backup TikTok?

To better manage storage, you may turn off the back-up for certain apps. When you turn off the backup to a particular app, you are losing the ability to restore the data stored within the app. This is typically login data and data/settings that the app developer caches within the app.

Why does TikTok take up so much data?

Most mobile applications build up cache and data over time. Those items are stored on your phone’s internal memory to load the app’s interface faster. The same is true for TikTok, where the more you use the app, the more data it stores on your phone.

Why does TikTok use data?

One issue with spending so much time on TikTok, though, is how much data it can use. Watching dozens of videos back-to-back can quickly eat away at someone’s monthly data allotment with their phone plan, causing them to run out of data access before the month is over.

How many GB does TikTok use?

According to this average, the amount of Data one uses will average to about 1GB per hour, which is when it is on a high resolution. When you Analyze the data usage depending on the quality in some cases, an SD quality video may use about 0.7GB which is about 700MB per hour episode.

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