How do you send a song on Facebook Lite?

Click “Options,” which is styled as a gear icon, in the upper right corner of the Chat tab, and then select “Add Files” from the drop-down menu. Select the song file you want to upload from the dialog box that pops up, and then click “Open.”

How do you send music on Facebook Lite?

Sending an Audio Message

First, open the Facebook Messenger Lite app and select a conversation. When in your chat, tap on the blue arrow icon in the bottom left corner of the app. When you tap on this icon, a toolbar will extend and you will see a microphone icon. Tap on the microphone icon.

How can I send a song on Facebook?

Go to the Facebook page of the person you want to send the music to. Put the cursor in the block at the top that says “write something.” Paste the link. Facebook transforms the link into a miniature player on the person’s wall. Left click on the button that says “share.” You have sent your song through Facebook.

How do you send a video on FB Lite?

“If you’d like to share a file, picture, a video, or an audio file with friends and family, you can now do so in Messenger Lite. To share a file, tap the “+” sign, select file or video from the popup, and hit send.”

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How do I send audio files?

Depending on the format, and the resultant file size, some methods to share audio files are better suited than others.

  1. Email. The easiest way to transfer MP3 files is by mailing them to the senders. …
  2. Bluetooth. …
  3. WhatsApp. …
  4. 4. Facebook Messenger. …
  5. Google Drive. …
  6. One Drive. …
  7. iCloud. …
  8. Filemail.

How do you send a video on Facebook to someone not on Facebook?

Set Photo or Video to Public:

After changing the images privacy setting and opening it up to the public, you can then just send the URL of the photo or video to anyone – Facebook profile or not.

How do I send a video to Facebook from my phone?

You could move the video from your phone to your computer and then add it to Facebook, or you could skip the middleman and share it directly from your phone using the Facebook app: Tap the Photo option at the top of your mobile News Feed. Your Photo and Video roll from your phone appears. Tap the video you want to add.

Why I cant send video on Messenger Lite?

You can’t share someone else’s video from Facebook unless they published it without privacy limitation (like friends only). It’s possible that your phone, or device, is almost full memory.

How can I send a song to someone?

On an Android, open the intended recipient in your text messages and select the “Plus” sign to add a file. Several options will appear for different file types. Select the “Audio” option then hit “Choose a music track” to send a saved song.

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How can I email a song?

How to Attach Music Files to an Email

  1. Composing new mail. …
  2. Fill in the form boxes as needed. …
  3. Click the “Attach a File” option to display a file dialog box. …
  4. Double-click on the file. …
  5. Note that in some email programs, the file appears within the email text itself.

How do you send music to another phone?

Go to your “File Manager” application or open the music app of your phone. Select the music files you intend to move and tap on “Share.” Pick “Bluetooth” from the sharing option and choose your Bluetooth device. Tap on “Accept” from the other Android phone and let the file sharing begin.