How do I track Facebook ad conversions in Google Analytics?

How do I track FB conversion in Google Analytics?


  1. Facebook Ads Manager > Ads Manager menu > All Tools > Measure & Report > Custom Conversions.
  2. Create Custom Conversion > URL Contains *OR Equals* : [URL] OR [URL Keyword] > Choose a Category : Lead > Source should be your Facebook Pixel, status should be Active > Click Next.
  3. Name your conversion.

Can you use Google Analytics to track Facebook ads?

Tracking your Facebook ad traffic in Google Analytics can give you a much richer view into how the users who clicked through your Facebook ads behave on your site.

How do I track Facebook ads on Google Analytics 4?

To find the data that comes from your Facebook ads into your Google analytics 4 account, head to Acquisition under Reporting and then select Traffic acquisition. Here you can track all your traffic sources on one dashboard.

How do I set up conversion tracking on Facebook ads?

In your Facebook Ads Manager, click on the menu button in the top-left corner and click All Tools at the bottom of the menu. Then under the Assets column, click Pixels. This opens the pixels dashboard. Under Conversion Tracking Pixel (Old), click the Create Conversion button.

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Can Google Analytics track Google ads?

Yes, you can link your Google Ads account to your Google Analytics account to track the behavior of users that landed on your website from your ads! In this guide, you’ll learn why you should link your Google Ads account to Google Analytics, how to do it, and how to make sense of the collected data.

How do I track UTM on Facebook ads?

Head to the Acquisition tab and choose All Traffic. Then, you can access UTM codes through Channels, Source/Medium, Social, or All Campaigns. These tabs give you a better picture of where your website’s traffic is coming from, including the Facebook parameters you set up.

What is conversion tracking in Facebook ads?

You can use the Facebook pixel to track your website visitors’ actions. This is called conversion tracking. Once you have defined custom audiences, we can use them to identify other Facebook users who are likely to convert and target them with your ads. …

How do I track my Facebook ad performance?

Go to Ads Manager. Click Campaigns , Ad Sets or Ads . Click View Charts to open the insights side pane to see a visual representation of your ads performance.

How do I find my conversion events on Facebook?

When you create a new ad set, you’ll be asked to choose a conversion to optimise for. This means that Facebook will try to show the ads in that ad set to the people most likely to complete that conversion event. When you click the conversion event drop-down box you’ll see a list of conversion events.

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