How do I stop Instagram from saving my stories?

Head to your profile tab, then tap on the ellipsis (…) icon (on Android) or cog (iOS) to view all of Instagram’s options. Select “Story Settings” from this list, then toggle off “Save to Archive” under the Saving section.

Why does Instagram save my stories?

For those who don’t know, Instagram story is a handy way of sharing fleeting moments from your life without immortalizing them on your feed. Instagram stories are automatically saved in your archive stories so that you don’t need to save them to your phone.

How do I stop Instagram from saving to my camera roll 2020?

Stop Instagram photos from saving to the Camera roll

  1. 1) Tap your profile picture and then tap the button on the top right to open the side menu.
  2. 2) Select Settings at the bottom.
  3. 3) On the Settings page, select Account.
  4. 4) Go down to and pick Original Photos.
  5. 5) Turn off the toggle for Save Original Photos.

Does Instagram save stories automatically?

Moving forward, your stories will automatically save to your archive when they expire. This makes it easy for you to revisit your favorite moments later on or bring them back to life in a highlight. To access the stories in your archive, tap the Archive icon on your profile.

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How do I stop Instagram from saving pictures 2021?

Stop saving your posts and stories

  1. Go to “Settings” > “Account” > “Original Posts”
  2. Disable all three options (Save Original Posts, Save Posted Photos, and Save Posted Videos)

How do I stop Instagram from arching my photos?

Unarchive Instagram posts

  1. Open Instagram on your profile page. …
  2. Select Archive.
  3. Tap on the downward facing arrow next to “Stories Archive,” at the top and select “Posts Archive.”
  4. Select the post you want to un-archive and select the three dot menu icon.
  5. Select Show on Profile at the top of the popup box.