How do I make YouTube videos play automatically after one?

How do I get YouTube to automatically play the next video?

How to turn on autoplay on YouTube on mobile

  1. Open the YouTube app.
  2. Tap to play a video.
  3. Next to the “Up Next” section, below the player, toggle the autoplay switch back on. It’ll turn blue when it’s on.

How do I force YouTube to autoplay?

Use the YouTube Embed plugin

Scroll down to the Playback section and check the “Autoplay” box. Enabling Autoplay will automatically play the video when the player loads. If you want to play a video on a loop, check the “Loop Video” box.

Why is autoplay not working on YouTube?

AutoPlay may not work on YouTube due to corrupt cache/data of the browser or corrupt installation of the YouTube mobile application. Moreover, an outdated browser or misconfiguration of your browser like DRM settings, etc. … Additionally, TV apps are also affected by the AutoPlay not working issue.

Did YouTube remove the Autoplay button?

One of the changes of the update moved the autoplay toggle; it is now displayed in the media player. YouTube users who use the web version, e.g. on a desktop operating system such as Windows, will get the same change. Google is rolling it out currently to all users who access YouTube on the web.

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Where is the YouTube Autoplay button?

Where is the Autoplay button on the YouTube app? Under the YouTube video player, there is a video list. On the top of the list, it is the Autoplay button. You can turn it on or off as per your requirement.

Why do YouTube videos play automatically?

YouTube recently updated the home feed in its mobile application so that videos will now automatically begin playing (without sound) as users browse. … If you choose “Wi-Fi only,” videos will only automatically play on your home feed when your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

What is YouTube automation?

But one more recent development that isn’t as well-known yet is YouTube automation. Instead of using videos specifically as a marketing tool, the automation business model focuses on creating viral videos that generate passive income for the channel’s owner.

Why is autoplay not working?

Use Settings

Go to Settings > Devices > AutoPlay. Turn off the button for Use AutoPlay for all media and devices and then turn it on. However, if it is not enabled, it should be the reason for AutoPlay not working in Windows 10. You need to enable it and then check whether it can work normally.

How do I enable autoplay on YouTube on Chrome?

Load chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy in the Chrome browser. Note that you do need Chrome 61 or newer on any of the supported operating systems to access the flag. Click on the menu next to it, and select one of the available options: Default — autoplay is enabled.

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Where is the auto play button?

The first autoplay button is located at the top right corner of your screen, which most users know. On the other hand, there is also an autoplay button inside the video controls tab. To access it, click on Settings inside the video controls tab, and you should find it at the top of the pop-up menu.

How do I stop YouTube from scrolling at 2021?

Follow these steps to turn off autoplay:

  1. Launch the YouTube app on your Android phone or iPhone.
  2. Tap on the profile picture icon at the top followed by Settings.
  3. Tap on General. …
  4. Inside General, tap on Muted playback in feeds and change it to Off to completely disable autoplay on the home feed.