How do I fix the unexpected error on Facebook marketplace?

How do I fix the marketplace problem on Facebook?

Then you need to walk through the below step to re-access the Marketplace.

  1. Login to your Facebook account. Facebook Login.
  2. Click the Marketplace icon. …
  3. Now Click the Request Review option.
  4. Fill the Request form.
  5. After a few days, the Facebook Team will respond to your appeal.
  6. Check your Support inbox every day.

Why is marketplace unexpected error?

Unexpected errors usually indicate that your mobile app or browser needs to be refreshed. The Marketplace won’t work if it’s unexpectedly reported. It will have to be restarted in order to access it.

Why can’t I get on Marketplace on Facebook?

Age: Facebook Marketplace is only available to Facebook users 18 and over. … If your current location is set to a country that doesn’t currently offer Facebook Marketplace, the icon won’t appear. Device: Facebook Marketplace only works on the iPhone 5 and later models, Android, and iPads.

Can you get blocked from Facebook Marketplace?

If some how you are able to post Guns, Weed and other banned substances for sale, you would get banned from Facebook Marketplace. You can also get banned from Facebook Marketplace if buyers report your posts as being scams or fraud.

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What is Facebook error query?

It might be that the installation or your device’s hardware is having compatibility issues which are causing the ‘Error performing query’ issue on Facebook. It could also be that your other applications and services running in the background are interfering with Facebook’s code.

Why does my Facebook say something went wrong?

If you find that Facebook something went wrong, maybe it’s a cache or temporary data problem. You can try to clear your cache and data. … The “something went wrong Facebook” issue may be caused by cookie and cache errors, incorrect login data, incorrect extensions, Facebook server issues, and Facebook permissions.

How do I delete an unexpected error file?

Method 2: Fix the problem using disk management tool

  1. Install and launch Eassos PartitionGuru Free from your computer. Then locate the file or folder you want to delete.
  2. Select files or folders that cannot be deleted, right-click them and choose “Delete Files Directly”.
  3. Click “Delete” button to complete the deletion.

How do you solve an unexpected error has occurred the troubleshooting wizard can’t continue?

Fix: An unexpected error has occurred. The troubleshooting wizard can’t continue.

  • Solution 1: If the Problem Occurred After an Update.
  • Solution 2: Use the Chkdsk Utility.
  • Solution 3: Repair . NET Framework.
  • Solution 4: Make Sure Some of the Essential Services are Running.

What is diagnostic troubleshooting wizard?

msdt.exe Diagnostics Troubleshooting Wizard it is a process, that helps with problems of your network and/or internet connection. It is a part of the Windows OS. Windows includes a variety of “troubleshooters” designed to quickly diagnose and automatically solve various computer problems.

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