Frequent question: What is an indirect tweet?

The Brief: An indirect is a message, post, or tweet that calls out a specific person or event without giving details.

What is a indirect post?

Indirect posts

Indirect cast posts inherently allow greater ability of the post shape to conform to the natural taper of teeth or any irregularities in the post preparation and allow a good fit of the post; this is particularly useful in tapered and oval-shaped canals.

What does indirect comment mean?

Indirect remarks and information suggest something or refer to it, without actually mentioning it or stating it clearly. His remarks amounted to an indirect appeal for economic aid.

What does checking indirect mean?

Indirect Assessment Methods. … Indirect assessment is gathering information through means other than looking at actual samples of student work.

What is a Subtweet on twitter mean?

: a usually mocking or critical tweet that alludes to another Twitter user without including a link to the user’s account and often without directly mentioning the user’s name As with any good subtweet, Moore refuses to refer to Gibson by name—but it’s easy enough to guess what he’s talking about …—

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What is Indirecting on social media?

The Brief: An indirect is a message, post, or tweet that calls out a specific person or event without giving details.

What are some examples of indirect objects?

In English grammar, an indirect object is the word or phrase that receives the direct object. In the sentence The teacher gave the students cake, the indirect object is the students. The direct object is cake, and the students are the ones who eat it.

What does indirectly mean example?

indirectly adverb (not obvious )

without clearly mentioning or saying something: She was included indirectly as her husband’s name came up. … He mentioned religion only indirectly, saying he is “unalterably and absolutely” opposed to abortion because all life is equal.

How can I use the word indirect in a sentence?

not as a direct effect or consequence.

  1. The benefits from pure research are often indirect.
  2. Losing weight is an indirect result of smoking cigarettes.
  3. I got informed by an indirect.
  4. On the way home, we took an indirect route.
  5. The building collapsed as an indirect result of the heavy rain and storms.

What does direct indirect mean?

Converting Direct to Indirect Speech. When we use direct speech, we are repeating what was said. When we use indirect speech, we’re reporting what was said.

What does indirect kiss mean?

The act of kissing an object that someone else kissed recently, symbolizing a kiss between the two people. …

What are examples of indirect assessments?

Below are some examples of indirect assessment techniques:

  • External Reviewers. …
  • Student Surveying and Exit Interviewing. …
  • Alumni Surveying. …
  • Co-op and internship employer surveying. …
  • Curriculum and Syllabus Analysis.
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Why is Subtweeting bad?

Subtweeting can cause guilt, increase anxiety, and make the audience feel that they’ve done something wrong, even if they don’t know the person in the first place. Though it isn’t direct, subtweeting can be classified as a form of cyberbullying, and can snowball into larger fights.

What is snitch tag?

A snitch-tagger is a Twitter tattletale: He or she sees a tweet criticizing another user and chimes in with that person’s Twitter handle — flagging the insult for the target to see. … Now that subtlety is being punctured by a rising Twitter behavior — snitch-tagging.

How do you know if someone is Subtweeting you?

Here are five signs that you’re being subtweeted.

  • The attack comes after you’ve offered a coherent opinion on a matter of national importance. …
  • You post pictures of your adorable children. …
  • You’re identified not by name but by a prominent physical feature. …
  • The post seems to know your embarrassing secrets.