Frequent question: What does it mean when someone shares your post on Instagram?

Chances are that if you see that someone shared your post in your insights, you want to know who that person was. “Reshare” means to repost someone else’s content. That being said, it is important to credit the creator if you decide to reuse their posts.

What does it mean when someone shared a post?

When someone taps Share below your post, they aren’t able to share your photos, videos or status updates through Facebook with people who weren’t in the audience you originally selected to share with. Only the people who could see those posts when you first made them are able to see them when someone taps Share.

Why do people share my photos on Instagram?

Instagram launched a new feature on Thursday that lets users take photos in their feeds that were posted by others, and add them to their own stories. It’s a great opportunity for influencers hoping to get more exposure for their content, and for regular users who enjoy having their pictures potentially go viral.

Can you see if someone shares your post on Instagram?

Unfortunately, regular users can’t see who has shared their Instagram posts. It’s worth mentioning that Instagram won’t reveal who shared your posts; it only shows how many times your post has been shared. Note: It’s not difficult to switch your Instagram personal account to a business one.

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What do you say when someone shares your post?

Thank the person for sharing your article. Personalize your message by relating it to their update message, if they included one. Add information of value in the comment for both the person who reshared and for their network. Mention the person in your comment.

How can I tell who saved my Instagram post?

The only way to see who has saved your post is to ask your followers in an Instagram Story. To see how many people saved it, go to Settings > Account > Switch to Business Account or Switch to Creator Account > View insights.

Does Instagram notify you if someone shares your story?

Nope. If you share someone’s story as a direct message, they are not notified. However, if you share a post as a direct message, they are. Of course, it only notifies that the post has been shared, but doesn’t really say who shared it.

Why can’t I see who shared my post?

Depending on the ‘Privacy Settings’ of the persons, you might not see the name of everybody that shared your post on Facebook. If the people that shared your post, shared it with the privacy setting of ‘Friends’ or ‘Only Me’, then you will not see their name if you are not friends on Facebook with them.

What is the difference between post and share?

If you post a photo, people can see it, but you may want specific people to see it, in which case you can share it with them specifically. Sharing is done to a select group such as family, co-workers and friends, but posting is a straight broadcast to everyone in the world that cares to look.

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Should you share your own post?

The short answer is yes. Social media feeds are busy places. Most followers on most networks won’t see all of your posts even once, let alone multiple times. If anything, that makes resharing posts more (and not less) important.