Frequent question: How do I import a catalog into Facebook?

How do I import items from shop to Facebook?

A click-by-click guide for adding products manually

  1. Log in to Commerce Manager.
  2. Click on Catalog.
  3. Click on Add Products.
  4. Select Add Manually.
  5. Add a product image, name and description.
  6. If you have a SKU or unique identifier for your product, add it within the Content ID section.

How do I link my catalog to Facebook shop?

Manage a Catalog in Business Manager

  1. Go to Business Settings. Select your business account.
  2. Select Data Sources followed by Catalogs.
  3. Select your catalog on the left-hand side.
  4. Select how you want to manage your catalog.

How do I export a Facebook catalog?

Download a CSV template for Facebook Catalog

  1. Sign up for a free trial. …
  2. Connect a channel where you have at least 1 product.
  3. Click on import. …
  4. Refresh the Products Page, and select all products.
  5. Click on the Actions button, and pick Export CSV for Facebook Catalog (see picture). …
  6. You have now a CSV template for Facebook.

How do I add multiple items to a Facebook shop?

Go to Commerce Manager and select your catalogue. Open the Catalogue tab and go to Data sources. Select Add items. If a drop-down appears, select Add multiple items.

Can you bulk upload to Facebook marketplace?

Bulk Upload

This feature enables you to upload bulk products on Facebook Marketplace.

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How do I sync my Shopify catalog with Facebook?

Connect Shopify product catalogs to Facebook

  1. Step 1: Add Facebook sales channel to your Shopify store. Access your Shopify store admin > Click on the ‘+’ in the Sales Channel section > On the popup, find Facebook and click on ‘+’ to add. …
  2. Step 2: Set up the Facebook sales channel to update Shopify products on Facebook.