Can you recover facebook live videos?

How do I recover a live video on Facebook?

No. There is no way to recover it if you used Facebook Live natively. However, if you used a third party software to go live on Facebook, it’s possible that they still have the data even if you deleted it on Facebook.

Where did my Facebook live video go?

Your clips are located in your Content Library, where they can be published to your newsfeed or added to playlists on your Facebook profile. Alternatively, if you want to repurpose your video content on another platform, you can download your recording and edit it in separate software.

Why did my Facebook live video disappeared?

In what seems to be another strike for Facebook, the social network mistakenly deleted Live videos of some of its users. A Facebook bug erased Live videos when users tried to post them to their Story and News Feed after the broadcast. … “We have resolved this issue and restored many of these videos to people’s Timelines.

How long does a live stream stay on Facebook?

Computer: The time limit for live streaming is 8 hours. External Streaming Software/API: The time limit for streaming is 8 hours. Mobile Device: The time limit for live streaming is 4 hours.

Does Facebook Live Archive?

On Facebook Live, for example, once your broadcast is complete, your video content will only exist as an archive in your Facebook news feed. As you continue to post new things on Facebook, your archived broadcast will be pushed down the feed to the point where it is no longer easy to find.

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