Can you link more than one Instagram account to Hootsuite?

In the Hootsuite dashboard, tap New Post and select the Instagram account you want to publish from. You can select multiple accounts if you want to publish the same post to more than one Instagram account. Add your photo and text, then click Post Now or Schedule for Later.

How many Instagram accounts can you have on Hootsuite?

With Hootsuite, you can manage multiple accounts—such as five Instagram accounts, three Twitter accounts, and two Facebook Pages—from one dashboard. Let’s say you choose our Teams Plan. You could manage up to 20 different accounts from one dashboard—for example, 20 different Facebook Pages for 20 different clients.

How do I add multiple accounts to Hootsuite?

From your Hootsuite dashboard, click your profile icon in the top right, then Manage Social Networks.

  1. To add a network you’ll work on with colleagues, click the green Share a Social Network button. …
  2. Choose the network you want to add and click Connect with [Network].
  3. Fill in your login details and click Sign In.

Can I have 2 Instagram accounts linked?

You can now add up to 5 Instagram accounts and quickly switch between them without having to log out and log back in. This is included on version 7.15 for iOS and Android, available in the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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How do I add a second Instagram account to my computer?

How to add a second Instagram account on desktop

  1. Tap the profile icon in the bottom right or click on your profile picture.
  2. Click on the 3 bars in the top right and then click on settings.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click ‘add account. ‘
  4. Tap login.

How many accounts can you have on Hootsuite for free?

But you should know, the Free plan did not go away. You still have the ability to manage 2 social accounts and schedule up to 5 posts for free. And if you choose to switch to the Professional plan, you can manage up to 10 social accounts and schedule an unlimited amount of posts!

Can you post to Instagram stories from Hootsuite?

If you’re a busy social media pro, you’ve probably wondered if it’s possible to schedule Instagram Stories. The answer is YES. … You can now create, edit, and schedule your Stories in advance using the Instagram Story scheduler in Hootsuite or Facebook Business Suite.

How many accounts can you log into on Instagram?

According to Instagram’s Help Center, you can have up to five different Instagram accounts, which you can switch between without logging out. (This is not to say that you can’t have more than five, but after you reach that limit, you’ll have to log out and log back in to access additional profiles.)

Does Hootsuite post to Instagram?

Post images and videos directly to Instagram

Save time by scheduling and publishing images and videos directly from the Hootsuite dashboard and mobile app to your Instagram Business accounts.

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How do I use multiple Instagram accounts?

How to manage multiple Instagram accounts in the Instagram app

  1. Open Instagram and go to your profile page.
  2. Tap the hamburger icon, then Settings.
  3. Tap Add Account.
  4. Enter the login information for the account you want to add.
  5. Tap Log In.