Can I schedule posts on FB app?

Open the Facebook Pages app (or download the Facebook Pages Manager app for Android and iOS if you don’t already have it). Tap the toolbox icon at the far bottom right. Under Sharing Tools, click Scheduled Posts. Tap the post to open it, and click the three dots to reschedule or publish now.

Can you schedule FB posts from your phone?

You can schedule a post on Facebook for a page or group you manage on a desktop or mobile device. It’s easy to stay on top of your content calendar by scheduling Facebook posts ahead of time.

Can you schedule posts on Facebook 2020?

Tap Schedule for later. This will bring up a calendar. Choose the date and time you want the post to be published. … (If you’d like to learn more, check out how the Best Time to Publish feature works for Hootsuite’s own social channels.)

Why can’t I schedule a post on Facebook 2020?

Facebook recently made some changes and removed the ability to schedule posts directly on Facebook pages. … To schedule posts on your Facebook page, you now need to go to the Publishing Tools section of your Facebook page.

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How do I schedule a Facebook post on Iphone 2020?

To schedule a post from the iphone or ipad

  1. Choose the type of post you want to add to your Page.
  2. Tap in the lower-left corner and select the date and time you’d like your post to appear.
  3. Tap Schedule > Post.

What happened to publishing tools on Facebook?

Before you run off and make an angry post about Facebook removing things that are helpful to you, Facebook simply moved the tool from its old spot. You can now only publish for now, backdate, or save draft (most of the time saving draft doesn’t work either, but that’s another discussion).

Can you schedule events on Facebook?

You can also create a recurring Facebook event. Once you’ve filled in the required details, click “Schedule Multiple Events.” Under “Frequency,” click the dropdown menu and choose whether you want your event to take place daily or weekly.

How far in advance can you schedule posts on Facebook?

You can schedule your post up to 6 months in the future (more months are shown, but if you select more than 6 months out, Facebook won’t accept it).

How can I schedule Facebook posts for free?

To schedule posts to a Facebook group, open your group page in a new window and paste the comment and link into a new post. To schedule it, click the clock icon next to the blue Post button. Then choose your date and time and click Schedule. It’s that easy — and it’s free!

Can you schedule a shared post on Facebook 2021?

In the drop-down menu under News Feed, select “Schedule.” This will allow you to schedule a post similarly to how you schedule your own.

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What is Creator Studio for Facebook?

Creator Studio brings together all the tools you need to effectively post, manage, monetize and track performance of content across all your Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts. It also helps you take advantage of new features and monetization opportunities you may be eligible for.