CCRM Patient With Eating Disorder Affected Her Fertility

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I went off birth control and we started trying, but it quickly became clear that I had problem. I wasn’t menstruating, like ever. It’s pretty impossible to conceive a baby when you don’t have a period. But why I wasn’t getting my monthly cycle was a mystery. I saw many specialists who all tried to figure out why my body wasn’t cooperating. All my tests came back fine and they had no good answers for me. Eventually, I decided I’d either have to resign myself to never having children or to a grueling regimen of expensive and painful fertility treatments. It was incredibly frustrating. All I could think was, “I’m so fit, so why is my body not working like it should?” I thought I was doing everything I could to be healthy. It just didn’t occur to me that my healthy habits were the reason for my problems.
I knew I wanted kids, so I made an appointment with Robert Gustofson, M.D., a fertility doctor at the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine, to start the invasive process of fertility testing and treatments. I steeled myself for shots and pills and hormones. But I was shocked at his actual prescription: Weight gain.