Search and Social Advertising Work Better Together!

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If you work in digital marketing, you’ve heard the terms “search and social” being thrown around. Search and social refer to the two of the most common advertising platforms: Google (search) and Facebook (social). Your business may benefit from using other social media platforms, not just Facebook and Google, depending on your company’s needs. Recently, I participated in a webinar about search and social with my co-worker Ariana Agnew through Hootsuite, a social media management site. This webinar focused solely on Facebook and Google as the two platforms for social and search, but there are obviously others (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) The presenter explained the importance of both Facebook and Google and how to use them to benefit your business. The main takeaway from the presentation was to consider your potential audiences’ intent: are they searching for your business/service directly (Google) or are they not searching for you directly but you still want to try to reach them (Facebook)? 

When choosing an advertising platform, most businesses resort to the classic binary decision: Facebook or Google. Together, they make up 55% of the market share when it comes to advertising, so it’s no wonder agencies are drawn to these platforms. What most businesses don’t realize is the platform they choose should depend on the intentof their target audience. For example, if a pipe breaks in your house, you’ll most likely go to Google and search for the nearest plumber. It wouldn’t make sense to get on Facebook and scroll through the feed until you find an advertisement for a plumbing service. However, if you have a new plumbing invention that people would be interested in, it would behoove you to advertise on Facebook, since it allows new customers to discover your product, even if they had no intention of looking for it. 

A few years ago, the discussion would have stopped there. However, it is much more beneficial to your business to use both search and social together. Social media is great for businesses who are trying to reach people with no intention of looking for them, but what happens when Facebook users come across your ad and want to go to your website? Many people will move over to Google and research who you are, your reviews, and so on. On the other hand, people may find your business via Google Ads, but will want to follow you on social media to see updates and other information, so it’s important that you have a professional social media site for your new customers. 

Whether you’re a large corporation or a small business, it’s important that you understand the intent of your potential customers and use search and social together in order to reach them.

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By: Jackson Bambei, Evolution Communications Intern