PR Trends To Look Out For in 2020

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What is the future of PR? Innovations in technology and a changing news landscape mean that PR will have to evolve to keep with the times. Here are the top five PR trends we see making an impact this year.

PR Trend #1: New Social Platforms

With over 500 million active users, TikTok is quickly overtaking Snapchat as the top platform for youth. It allows users to make short videos in a similar fashion to Vine, often involving music and comedy. While TikTok isn’t a great marketing platform for every brand, video as a whole is still proving itself to be one of the best ways to capture youth attention. Including video as part of your social media strategy — whether on TikTok, YouTube, or elsewhere — may be ideal for any brand targeting Gen Z.

PR Trend #2: Leverage Your Content

Fewer newsrooms and journalists means it’s harder to get earned media than ever before. To maximize the value of the coverage PR professionals do get, it will be important to repurpose content wherever possible. Press releases can easily be added to blog posts, posted on social media, or used as a part of other marketing materials.
While the need for good PR isn’t going away, utilizing owned media in conjunction with earned will be vital.

PR Trend #3: Diversity in PR

Both in campaigns and PR organizations themselves, diversity will be a major focus for 2020. Consumers want to see themselves represented in the media they consume, meaning advertising will continue to shift to be more inclusive of different ethnicities, abilities, sexual orientations, and backgrounds. This will likely mean an increase in diversity for the PR industry as a whole, as diverse teams will better be able to create respectful, inclusive campaigns.

PR Trend #4: Expanding Expertise

PR will move beyond media outreach to encompass digital media, social media, video production, and more. Not every agency needs experts in these areas to succeed; rather, they should have the knowledge in these areas to support their clients’ changing needs. Partnering with other organizations, subcontractors and vendors to provide for the full span of client needs is one strategy that won’t overextend agency bandwidth, but still offers this level of expertise.

PR Trend #5: Patience is a Virtue

According to a study by Salesforce, fifty-four percent of customers believe that companies don’t operate with their customers’ best interests in mind. With consumer trust waning, companies will be facing an uphill battle in building relationships and gaining customer loyalty.

The best solution: Go slow and steady. Demonstrable ROI can take months or even years to be effectively measured. Focus on engaging with audiences, putting out consistent content, and monitoring progress in the long term. You can’t build authority and credibility overnight.

While the formats and methods may change, the future of PR is still a bright one. Companies like yours still need to get their name and work out there.

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