New Denver News Outlets Give Us Hope for the Future

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It’s been 10 years since the Rocky Mountain News closed its doors. I was reminded of this fact by a friend’s posting on Facebook of the short documentary made to acknowledge this sad turn of events. It’s interesting to hear reporters and editors in the field wonder about the media’s future in the digital age. Several ask, “Are we really being replaced by bloggers?” Now that we’re more than a decade into the transition, I think we can accurately say, “At least in Denver, you are being replaced by bloggers AND a myriad of online publications, many of which are of
top quality.”

While we said goodbye to the Rocky and have watched the Denver Post shrink to a much smaller size, both physically and editorially, we are in fact enjoying a media renaissance of sorts here in Denver. Truth be known, we struggle to read all the excellent outlets’ great coverage each day. Here are a few of the publications we really like:

The Colorado Sun: This publication is staffed by former Denver Post reporters who were really the cream of the crop at their former employer. Because we work with many healthcare clients, we’re especially appreciative of health reporter Jennifer Brown on the Sun staff. As she did at the Post, she continues to write important explorations of developments on her beat.

Denverite: This outlet was recently purchased by Colorado Public Radio, an intriguing turn of events that should ensure it has the funding it needs to continue doing good work. The editor at Denverite, Dave Burdick, formerly of the Denver Post, will now serve a dual role at the radio station and with the online publication. CPR’s purchase of Denverite is just the latest in a series of moves that has seen the already strong public radio outlet grow much stronger. CPR now has reporters in Pueblo and Grand Junction and with the Denverite purchase, noted it was adding a Washington D.C. reporter as well.

The Lookout: This newsletter is produced by David Schneider at Colorado Public Radio. It’s a great summary of the day’s news powered by the editorial team at CPR. We like its brevity and breezy tone. The station advises readers to consider the publication “backyard barbecue banter.” During still blustery March, we like that image.

Chalkbeat: This online offering has been churning out great education coverage for many years. In fact, several other Colorado outlets rely on interviews with Chalkbeat writers to ensure their education stories are accurate and insightful.

Colorado Politics: Formerly the Colorado Statesman, Colorado Politics provides excellent insight into what’s happening at the Capitol and in Washington. We especially appreciate this outlet this time of year while the legislative session is in full-tilt.

The Denver Business Journal: This news source is not new by any stretch, but it continues to produce quality reporting on the Colorado business sector and has somehow figured out how to survive in the new media landscape. We’re especially appreciative of veteran reporter Ed Sealover at the DBJ, who came from the Rocky after its collapse. You can even see a young Ed in the aforementioned documentary if you pay close attention. Ed’s true passion is beer (he wrote the book on Colorado’s vibrant microbrew scene), but we appreciate that he applies his talents
to government stories and areas our clients work in as well.

We could go on and on as there are really so many great online sources of news in Colorado, but you get the idea. While it’s been difficult to watch the crumbling of the large daily newspaper operations here, we’re grateful these new news outlets are forging a brave and necessary path forward.

We’re honored to work with the reporters and editors at many of the aforementioned online news outlets. We would be happy to discuss with you whether your firm’s story might be one that would interest one of these journalists.