Look back with gratitude, look ahead with hope…

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For many Americans 2017 simply cannot end soon enough. A never-ending storm of political turmoil roiled our stomachs, hurricanes battered the southern and eastern coasts while wildfires still ravage California, and the litany of beloved celebrities dying that we’d hoped would end in 2016 continued (though it gives us some comfort to picture Tom Petty rehearsing with Prince for some sort of infinite, supernatural music festival.)

Looking back at all of the drama, it’s easy to overlook some bright spots that occurred over the last 12 months. So in the interest of ending the year with a bit if positivity, here are a few of the success stories our clients were involved in.

Forgive us for a little humble bragging, but the collaborations listed below made a lot of our partners, their clients, and their families smile in 2017. Hopefully you’ll feel a little better yourself after reading about these amazing accomplishments.

Let’s Talk Colorado/Hablemos Colorado

Colorado’s first ever campaign to reduce the stigma around seeking treatment for mental health issues kicked off in May. Working with internet video specialists Mighteor as well as an engaged and insightful group of mental health providers and public health organizations, the campaign launched in English and Spanish, receiving news coverage from several leading print and television outlets in Colorado.

The campaign continues to evolve, incorporating research from Washington D.C.’s FrameWorks Institute to craft effective messaging that encourages Coloradans to talk about their own mental health challenges and realize that mental health is a state of balance we all strive to maintain.


Speak Now!/Hable ¡Ahora!

Another campaign that re-launched this spring gives parents the tools needed to help their children make smart choices about drugs and alcohol. Speak Now!/Hable ¡Ahora! made headlines in May with expert spokespersons like Dr. Rober Valuck, PhD, and a website full of evidence-based research and resources.

A recent study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) found that despite legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado, teens are using pot less than before. Research explaining the drop is not yet available, but it’s a good bet that more parents are talking more openly with their children about the dangers of using drugs and alcohol.


Connect for Health Colorado

Who knew health care could be so popular? In the face of federal roadblocks like a steep cut in advertising budgets, enrollment for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act set records.

As of the federal deadline (Dec. 15), enrollment for private health insurance plans is still high, with 149,006 signing up for coverage for 2018, as opposed to 139,509 last year. Connect for Health Senior Marketing Manager Caren Henderson is anticipating robust enrollment activity through Colorado’s extended enrollment period that ends January 12, 2018, and she credits targeted online advertising as the key to the better-than-expected numbers, a strategy Evolution continues to successfully employ with our clients.


Other clients who did remarkable work in 2017 include the City of Lakewood’s Sustainability Division, who used our messaging, creative content and media buying expertise to develop a city-wide recycling education campaign, and the Skilled Trades Education Program (STEP), a program administered by Colorado nonprofit Servicios de La Raza that provides free training for construction trades to connect under-employed Coloradans with construction companies and labor unions in need of workers. Colorado Housing Finance Authority (CHFA) also selected us to conduct focus groups to help them in their mission of expanding home ownership within the Hispanic community.


We capped the year with media coverage of Littleton Adventist Hospital’s SANE/SAFE program that helps survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence recover, while preserving evidence to prosecute their abusers.  We were also privileged to help tell the story of Terry Bothern, a firefighter with no medical insurance who received a free total knee replacement courtesy of Porter Adventist Hospital and Operation Walk Denver.


We admire the work our clients do to serve the underserved, tackle important public health issues, improve their clients’ quality of life and make the world a better place, and we’re extremely proud they chose us to tell their stories and expand their reach. THOSE are just a few reasons to look back with gratitude, and to look ahead with hope.

Now what we all need to do as individuals, as a community, and as a nation is to use our collective energy to wish for the continued good health of Betty White.


Happy Holidays!


The Evolution Team