Why is there no sound on Instagram on my computer?

There can be a problem with your Instagram application that can cause the sound to be unavailable. The reason can be anything from the Cache issue to an outdated version. … If you are accessing Instagram using your computer, an improper sound driver can be the culprit behind the issue.

How do I get sound on Instagram from my computer?

6 Answers. You probably have a creative sound board so click start, control panel, Audio control panel, speakers tab, change from 7.1 to 2/2.1 speakers. Then reload instagram. Your Welcome!

Why is there no sound on Instagram stories on my computer?

Clear the Instagram App Cache

Clearing the cache is often an useful way to fix app errors, including no sound errors on videos of Instagram Reel, Stories, Live, call, IGTV, etc. … On Android: Go to settings on your phone > select Apps or Application Manager > find Instagram > tap on Storage and then select Clear Cache.

How do you unmute sound on Instagram on computer?

6 Answers

  1. Click on a video.
  2. Right click while the video is playing/paused and then click unmute.

Why is there no sound in my Instagram video?

Step 1: Open the Instagram application on your device and detect no sound. Step 2: Head to the settings, and next to the settings menu, click on Videos. Step 3: In the option of Videos, next select Sound and tap on the ringer.

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Why does my Instagram reels not have audio?

Most business accounts on Instagram do not have music from recording artists. … That’s why Instagram doesn’t give you the music feature in stories (and now Reels) if you have a business account —if your business account is an exception to this rule, don’t be surprised if it disappears soon!

How do I get sound on Instagram?

These instructions are for the Instagram app for Android and iPhone. To turn sound on or off while watching a video, tap anywhere on the video while it’s playing. You can also turn sound on by pressing the volume buttons on your phone while a video is playing.