Where is Creator Studio on Facebook app?

How do I get to the Creator Studio on the Facebook app?

Go to facebook.com/creatorstudio to get started in Creator Studio. We also recently launched a companion Creator Studio app. Download it from the Apple and Google Play stores.

Can I access Creator Studio on mobile?

Facebook’s Creator Studio has added a mobile companion. The insights dashboard for creators and publishers, which debuted globally in August 2018, is now available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android.

Where is Creator Studio on Facebook on my phone?

How to access Creator Studio

  1. Visit facebook.com/CreatorStudio.
  2. Navigate to your Facebook Page > click the Publishing Tools button on the sidebar > select “Creator Studio” under the “Tools” section in the sidebar.

How do I use Creator Studio on Facebook and Instagram?

Connect your Instagram account to Creator Studio with a Facebook Page

  1. Go to Settings from the sidebar on the left. …
  2. Click Connect Instagram. …
  3. Click Connect Account.
  4. We’ll ask you to confirm if you want to allow access to Instagram messages in Inbox.

How do I get rid of Creator Studio on Facebook?

Hide Your Creator Portfolio

  1. Go to Creator Studio > Monetization > Branded Content.
  2. Click Portfolio .
  3. Turn the toggle off for “Make portfolio visible to potential partners” to hide your portfolio from search results or suggested creator matches.
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Can you use Creator Studio on iPhone?

Facebook today announced the Creator Studio app for mobile devices, including iPhone and iPad. Publishers and creators will now be able to manage the content of their Facebook pages using the new app, which was previously only available through its official website.

How do I log into Creator Studio?

Go to Creator Studio. Click located next to at the top of your screen. What happens next depends on the relationship between your Instagram accounts and Facebook Pages. If you manage a Facebook Page that’s already connected to the Instagram account that you want to use in Creator Studio, click to connect to that Page.

What is Creator Studio on Facebook?

Creator Studio brings together all the tools you need to effectively post, manage, monetize and track performance of content across all your Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts. It also helps you take advantage of new features and monetization opportunities you may be eligible for.