Quick Answer: Why does YouTube load so slowly?

YouTube’s servers are usually under heavy strain, which can make loading times slow, but a choppy or constantly-buffering connection could also be due to issues with your Internet service, router or Web browser.

How do I fix YouTube loading slowly?

How Do I Fix YouTube Running slow?

  1. Check Out the Speed of the Internet.
  2. Adjust the Quality of Video.
  3. Reload the Router.
  4. Wipe the Cache in Your Browser.
  5. Change the URL.
  6. Change the VPN.

Why is YouTube taking such a long time to load?

When you load the first time, the browser caches everything in order to load faster next time. This will make browser store too much temporary data, which can be the cause of YouTube running slow. … If not, clear the cache and see if it works. The steps to clear cache depend on the browser you’re using.

Why is YouTube so slow but internet is fast?

There can be two reasons for that. Even though you have a high speed connection, it is possible that sometimes your internet provider is facing some issues from their end. May be their servers are slow or they are facing connectivity issues due to a technical problem.

Why is YouTube buffering so badly?

If there is too much browser data stored, it could lead to slow videos buffering. To settle the issue, you should delete cache and cookies in your particular browser. If the flash player can’t work well, it will affect the normal video viewing.

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Why is YouTube buffering so much?

Poor Internet connection is one of the major reasons for YouTube TV buffering. So, check your Internet connection. To check your Internet connection easily, you can utilize an internet speed test tool and see if it is in line with internet speed recommendations for watching programs on YouTube TV.