Is Sunday the worst day to post on Instagram?

The worst time to post on Instagram is observed on Saturdays and Sundays, particularly in the morning and midnight. Overall, people are the least active from 1 am to 5 am. It all comes to your specific audience and when they are most active on the platform.

Is Sunday a good day to post Instagram?

9 AM to 4 PM is the best time to post on Instagram on Sunday. However, the quality of Instagram engagement observed on a Sunday is the lowest compared to other weekdays. That’s why Sunday is also the worst day to post on Instagram if you want your post to gain the exposure it deserves.

Why is Sunday the worst day to post on Instagram?

Instagram users are inactive during these hours and you won’t be able to adequately reach them, as they’ll be asleep. Some Instagram experts have suggested that posts on Sundays and Mondays receive the least engagement, so avoid these days when possible.

Is it better to post on Sunday or Monday on Instagram?

People are more likely to check their Instagram early in the morning Monday to Friday than on weekends. But Monday can have lower engagement, with people rushing to get the week started, and having less time to look at Instagram before work on a Monday.

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Is it bad to post on Sunday?

Sunday is also the typical weekend day off for those who work normal business hours, so theoretically people could be checking their phone all day. Even though it’s been said that Sunday is a bad day to post, that shouldn’t stop you from trying these times.

What days should I post on Instagram?

Best times to post on Instagram for media

  • Best times: Tuesday 1–5 p.m. , Wednesday 11 a.m. , Thursday 8–9 a.m.
  • Best days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
  • Worst day: Sunday.

What time of the day is Instagram most active?

Most Consistent Engagement: Wednesday through Saturday (10 am – 8 pm) Highest Engagement: Wednesday & Friday mid morning and Saturday nights (6 pm – 8 pm) Worst Days for Engagement: Sunday due to the lack of activity on Instagram on this day.

Is Sunday a good day to post on Instagram Reddit?

From Tuesday through Friday, between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., you’re likely to get the most consistent levels of engagement. Sunday is the worst day for posting (no surprises there). Later hours, from around 11 p.m.–3 a.m. are seen to have the lowest engagement.

Is it bad to post at night on Instagram?

According to app Latergramme, there are specific times during the day that users should be posting to their Instagram feeds to ensure that they get the most likes possible. And, surprisingly, the times that work best for people are actually 5pm and 2am. Yep, 2am.

Does posting time matter on Instagram?

According to our observations and experiments, the universal best time to post on Instagram is… 11 am on Wednesdays. We found that Instagram users are the most likely to interact with content mid-day and mid-week. And that makes sense — it is a perfect time to take a break from work or school and do some scrolling.

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Is Sunday a good day to post on Facebook?

According to one study from Elle & Co., the best days to post on Facebook are Saturday and Sunday. The best time is 1 PM CST. Another study by Fast Company says that the best time to share on Facebook is between 11 AM and 4 PM CST. That research found that Wednesday is the best day to post.