How long should my YouTube description be?

YouTube gives you 5,000 characters (about 800 words) for the description; therefore, you should use every bit of it, or at least make it as long as possible. Just remember to keep the text relevant to your video.

What should I write in my YouTube description?

17 tips for writing YouTube descriptions

  1. Be specific. …
  2. Do keyword research. …
  3. Use searchable keywords. …
  4. Know how to use keywords. …
  5. Know where to use your keywords. …
  6. Track which keywords work for you. …
  7. Find out what else your audience is watching. …
  8. Offer value.

Is there a word limit on YouTube description?

While YouTube gives you 5,000 characters to play with in the Description field, it’s best to keep the first line of your description relatively brief, as no more than the first 157 characters will appear as a snippet in search.

How long should a video description be?

That’s why you want to write long, thorough video descriptions (at least 200 words). YouTube’s algorithm puts more weight on keywords that show up in the first 2-3 sentences of your description. In fact, YouTube recommends that you: “Put the most important keywords toward the beginning of your description”.

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How long should a channel description be?

Tips for the Best YouTube Channel Descriptions. Before learning tips on writing the most compelling and YouTube-SEO-friendly descriptions, keep in mind that description should be at least 250 words long. Furthermore, the first 100 to 150 characters of your channel description are the most important.

Do hashtags work YouTube?

You should use hashtags on YouTube because they improve searchability. Optimized hashtags will give you more visibility on social media for all your related video posts. Using a hashtag will group keywords and related topics together, which makes it easier for a viewer to find.

How do I avoid copyright claim on YouTube?

5 Tips to Avoid Copyright Strikes on YouTube

  1. Keep it short. There’s no rule about what length ⏱️ your copyrighted material must remain. …
  2. #Comment on copyrighted work. …
  3. Take it out of context. …
  4. Modify the original. …
  5. Attribution.

Are shorter YouTube titles better?

Mind the Title length

The first and most simple tip to write YouTube titles that get views is to make sure that you are working within the perfect length. Titles that are longer than the recommended will get truncated in most search results.

How many words is 5000 characters with spaces?

Answer: 5,000 characters is between 710 words and 1250 words with spaces included in the character count. If spaces are not included in the character count, then 5,000 characters is between 830 words and 1670 words.

How do I optimize my YouTube title?

YouTube SEO Tips

  1. Rename your video file using a target keyword.
  2. Insert your keyword naturally in the video title.
  3. Optimize your video description.
  4. Tag your video with popular keywords that relate to your topic.
  5. Categorize your video.
  6. Upload a custom thumbnail image for your video’s result link.
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How do I edit my description on YouTube?

Your channel description shows on the “About” tab of your channel page.

  1. In the mobile app, tap your profile picture .
  2. Tap Your channel.
  3. Tap Edit Channel .
  4. Enter your updated description and tap OK.

How Do I Get More YouTube Views?

How to Get More Views on YouTube

  1. Create Compelling Content. …
  2. Encourage Viewers to Subscribe. …
  3. Create Playlists to Keep People Watching. …
  4. Promote Other Videos with End Screens and Cards. …
  5. Add a Watermark to Your Videos. …
  6. Make Sure Your Videos Are Embedding Enabled. …
  7. Promote Your Videos on Other Social Channels.

How do you do description on YouTube 2021?

How to write a great description for a YouTube channel?

  1. Keep the beginning brief but information-rich. …
  2. Pay attention to the first 25 words. …
  3. Find keywords/keyword phrases in YouTube searching suggest. …
  4. Announce your topic and video type. …
  5. Upload a video schedule. …
  6. Remember the call-to-action.

How can I get more YouTube subscribers?

How to Get More YouTube Subscribers

  1. Hook people with your intro.
  2. Ask them to subscribe.
  3. Create videos that are around 10 minutes long.
  4. Ask people to leave comments (this is how you go viral)
  5. Respond to every comment with an answer and question.
  6. Leverage YouTube shorts.
  7. Run contests.

How do I monetize my YouTube channel?

Turn on ads for individual videos

  1. Sign in to YouTube.
  2. Go to YouTube Studio.
  3. In the left menu, select Content.
  4. Select a video.
  5. In the left menu, select Monetization.
  6. Choose the type of ads that you want to run.
  7. Click Save.
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