How do you reschedule a published post on Facebook?

Go back to your activity log, find the post you want to reschedule and click the arrow. Choose Reschedule from the menu. You’ll see a pop-up box where you can change the date and time of your post. Click Reschedule and you’re done.

How do I schedule an existing post on Facebook?

How to schedule a post on Facebook using Facebook Business Suite

  1. Step 1: Write your post. After opening Facebook to your timeline, click Pages in the top left corner of your dashboard to navigate to your business’s Facebook Page.
  2. Step 2: Preview the post. …
  3. Step 3: Select a date and time. …
  4. Step 4: Schedule your post.

How do I change the date of a post on Facebook Mobile?

Go to your Timeline and tap the three dots icon always at the top right side of the post you want to backdate. Select ‘Change Date’ and set to the desired date. You can also change the time to a desired uploaded time. Then save.

How do I schedule a post on Facebook 2021?

To find the Publishing Tools section, look on your Facebook page’s navigation sidebar: Once there, click “Posts & Stories” in the left sidebar: Then click “Create Post” in the top right corner: Then create your post and choose “Schedule Post” in the dropdown arrow.

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Can you backdate posts?

Backdate a new post (non-video)

After composing your post, click the arrow next to Publish (bottom right corner), then select Backdate. … (If desired, you can choose to Hide from News Feed, so the post shows up in your video library but is not distributed on your fans’ News Feeds.)

Can you backdate social posts?

Backdate a new post (non-video)

The post will publish immediately. After composing your post, click the arrow next to Publish (bottom-right corner), then select Backdate. Select a date and time in the past.

What happened to publishing tools on Facebook?

Before you run off and make an angry post about Facebook removing things that are helpful to you, Facebook simply moved the tool from its old spot. You can now only publish for now, backdate, or save draft (most of the time saving draft doesn’t work either, but that’s another discussion).

Can you schedule a shared post on Facebook 2021?

Go to Post Publishing Tools. Go to Settings to access the older version of the tool. Insert the link into the post box. In the drop-down box under News Feed, select Schedule.