How do you delete YouTube replies?

Can you delete people’s replies on YouTube?

You cannot delete comments made by other people on a video that is not on your channel, however, you may report any inappropriate comments on any channel if they are spam or abuse which will immediately remove the comment from your view.

Why can’t I delete my YouTube comment?

They aren’t in your control because YouTube control the ability to delete comments, not you. Anyone and everyone can post comments on your video. You can only delete the video if you feel too offended. If you want to try to remove them you can report them and YouTube MIGHT remove it.

Can I delete YouTube comments on my video?

You can delete comments and hide users right from their action post on your video. To do this, click on the dots icon on the right side of the person’s comment and choose an action. You can moderate individual YouTube comments directly from the comment on the video itself.

How do you delete someone else’s comment on YouTube?

1) Next to any comment on YouTube there is 3 little dots. Click those little dots. 2) Click ‘Remove’ and this will DELETE the YouTube comment.

Do Youtubers get notified when you edit a comment?

Originally Answered: When you edit your comment on YouTube, is the owner of the channel notified? The comment will only show the edited version. At the bottom right it will show (edited) to let them know something was changed should they see it before you changed it.

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