How do I manage drafts on Instagram?

How long do drafts last in Instagram?

Story drafts will save for seven days before disappearing.” So, another way to manage your Stories creation flow, and post at optimal times to maximize engagement. It may not be a massive shift, but it could be a highly relevant one for Instagram managers looking to make best use of the app.

How do you edit your drafts on Instagram?

Once you have saved a draft in Instagram, here are instructions on how to access them.

  1. Launch the Instagram app.
  2. Tap on the camera icon.
  3. Look for the drafts section.
  4. Select an item you want to edit. Instagram will load it.
  5. Make any edits to your saved draft and post it to Instagram.

Where do Instagram drafts go?

Click on the “+” plus icon at the bottom on iPhone or the top on Android. In your “Library” you’ll see “Recents,” which are photos and videos from your mobile phone. You’ll also see “Drafts.” Here you can find the saved photo. Tap on the item from “Drafts” to open it.

Why does Instagram keep deleting my drafts?

It may be a glitch in the system which causes them to automatically delete because you may have made this draft a while ago, or it could be that you have just made the draft but Instagram hasn’t processed it completely and thus hasn’t saved it.

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Can you recover Instagram drafts?

Yes, it is possible to recover all the photos from the draft folder of your Instagram. The only condition is that if you didn’t edit those post, tagged people or add a caption or location, then they wouldn’t be saved as a draft. If you did the following perfectly then you can locate those post by click on “+” button.

How do you trim draft reels?

To do so,

  1. Tap your profile tab in the Instagram app and go to the “Reels” section.
  2. Tap on “Drafts” to see all your Instagram Reels drafts in one place.
  3. Select a draft reel you want to chop off.
  4. On the Share screen, tap the “Edit” option at the top-right.

How do I edit a draft reel on Instagram?

Tap or your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile.

  1. Tap at the top or swipe right from anywhere in Feed.
  2. Scroll to Reels at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap in the bottom left and choose the draft of your video from your camera roll you want to edit.

How do you change a draft reel?

Instagram Reels: How to Edit a Draft Reel

  1. Step 1: On your Instagram profile, tap the Reels icon above your feed.
  2. Step 2: Tap “Drafts.”
  3. Step 3: Tap the Reel you want to continue editing.

Where are my drafts on Instagram 2021?

Find your Instagram Drafts on Android

  1. Open Instagram and select the ‘+’ icon to add a post.
  2. Tap on Post.
  3. You should now see Drafts from the menu, tap on it.
  4. Select the draft you created and select Next.
  5. Complete your post in the usual way and select Share when ready.
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