How can I have two Facebook accounts on my Samsung?

How do I put two Facebook accounts on my Samsung?

Tap Dual Messenger. Choose the app you want to clone. Tap Install on the dialog box to install another instance of the app. Tap Confirm to agree to Samsung’s terms of use and install the app.

Can you have 2 Facebook accounts on one Android phone?

There’s no trick using which one can configure more than one Facebook account in the official Facebook app, but there are two third-party apps, one each for Android and iPhone, using which you can configure multiple Facebook accounts and easily switch between them without signing out from one.

Can you have 2 Facebook accounts on the same phone?

Most people have just one Facebook accounts. In fact, Facebook doesn’t like it when you have two accounts, it prefers people to keep just one account. … The company actually offers two Facebook apps — no, we are not talking about the Messenger app — that you can use to log into two different Facebook accounts.

How do I set up dual Facebook?

How to set up Dual Messenger?

  1. 1 Go into the Settings menu > Advanced features. Scroll down and then tap on Dual Messenger.
  2. 2 A list of apps which are compatible with Dual Messenger will be displayed. Toggle the switch of the app you wish to use a separate account. …
  3. 3 Read the Disclaimer and Tap Confirm to continue.
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How do I log into multiple Facebook accounts on Android?

To use two facebook accounts on Android, simply go back to the main screen of the app and tap the facebook icon. Log in your second account credentials and enjoy.

Can you have 2 Facebook accounts?

It’s against the Facebook Community Standards to maintain more than one personal account. … If you want to represent your business, organization, brand or product on Facebook, you can use your personal account to create and manage a Page.

Can I have two Facebook accounts with same email?

Although you technically cannot create two separate Facebook accounts from one email address, you can use Facebook as two or more separate entities from the same Facebook account. Facebook allows you to create Pages for business, which can be managed from your personal profile account.

Why do I have 2 Facebook accounts on Android?

It might be because either you have downloaded two applications i.e one original and the other one lite version of it. To verify that you should check application names in the play store. However, if there is just one app, then you should check the app clone of you system.