Can you mention a private user on Instagram?

Originally Answered: Can I tag a private instagram user in a comment ? Yes you can tag someone with a private account in a comment, but if you following someone who has a private account and tag a non-follower they can’t see the photo or your comment.

Can I mention someone if my account is private?

No. People are only able to see mentions that were made with a public account. If your account is private when you mention them, they won’t be getting a notification, even after you’ve turned your account public. Your account has to be already public at the time you mention them for them to be notified.

Can you tag a private account you don’t follow on Instagram?

When you tag someone in a post, who doesn’t follow you and you are having a private account, they won’t receive any notification… They will still receive a notification that you tagged them even if they aren’t following you on Instagram.

How do you know if someone mentioned you on Instagram?

Check Your Notifications

When someone tags you in a post or comment you’ll get a notification that you were tagged, and you can find it by clicking on the little heart icon at the bottom of your screen. If you get a lot of Instagram notifications, though, you might miss the message, so you have to make sure to scroll.

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How do you hide your mentions on Instagram?

Tap Menu (three horizontal lines) in the top right, then tap Settings. Tap Privacy, then tap Tags> Manually Approve Tags. Next to Tagged Posts tap Edit. Select the photos or videos you’d like to hide from your profile, then tap Hide.

What happens when you mention someone Instagram?

When you mention someone in your story, it will send them a notification to them each individually that allows them to preview your story that is available for 25 hours and the option to add it to their story too.

Can public accounts see DMS from private accounts on Instagram?

Instagram allows you to communicate publicly and privately with followers, mutuals, and other Instagram users. That includes sending private messages to anyone. You don’t need to follow or be followed by that user to use the app’s private messaging feature, and no one can see these messages except the recipients.

Why does Instagram say someone mentioned me in their live?

I suspect it means that Instagram came up with a new way to nudge people into behaviors they want to see more of on their platform. In this instance some way for people who go live to “spoof” a notification in the accounts of others to get them to join the live.

Who can see mentions on Instagram?

If your Instagram account is set to public, anyone can see the photo or video, and the person you tagged will get a notification. If your Instagram account is private, only your approved followers can see the photo or video, and the person you tag will only get a notification if they’re following you.

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How do you see someones hidden tagged photos on Instagram?

Tap on the hamburger icon on the top right. Go to Setting. Open the Privacy. Find Tags You should see the pending tagged photos (with their number), open it.

How many users can you mention on Instagram post?

To add multiple people, simply tap anywhere on the image again and you can add another person. You can tag up to 20 people per post.