Can you advertise puppies for sale on Facebook?

According to Facebook’s policy introduced in 2016, the promotion of the sale of all animals is forbidden. Pets also cannot be given away. Rehoming, adoption agencies, and shelters are exempt. Parts of animals such as pelts and skins are also included in the ban — even wool sales are prohibited.

Are you allowed to sell puppies on Facebook?

Facebook does NOT allow sales BETWEEN PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS. So you can NOT sell puppies from your personal page.

Can you advertise puppies for sale?

Never advertise puppies with pictures that might include clues about where you live. Never give out your address until you know that someone genuinely wants to visit. Take details of any prospective purchaser before they come to visit, including a telephone number and address.

Can you post pets on Facebook Marketplace?

Animal for sale: Selling animals isn’t allowed on Marketplace or buy and sell groups. This includes posting about animals for adoption.

Is selling puppies illegal?

Selling animals online isn’t illegal in India. According to rules, the seller should be registered with the Animal Welfare Board of the states he/she is operating in. The websites enabling such sales need to comply with the relevant guidelines under Pet Shop Rules, 2018, and Dog Breeding and Marketing Rules, 2017.

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Can you advertise dogs on Facebook?

Facebook guidelines state animals cannot be sold between private individuals. But a BBC investigation has revealed puppies and kittens are being advertised through the platform. Charities warned the animals may be sick, too young or it could be a scam.

Can you sell puppies on Instagram?

Despite this, enforcement is patchy, and many “puppies for sale” accounts remain on Instagram. When I asked a spokesperson for Facebook (Instagram’s parent company) about this, they told me: “We do not allow the sale of animals on Instagram, and we’ve removed the accounts brought to our attention.

Why does Facebook not allow animal sales?

Facebook has banned animal for sale ads, it will cause more horses being slaughtered, dogs and cats being dumped. … Small, reputable breeders and farmers will lose their primary place to market their animals to good homes, forcing them to turn to high risk alternatives like auctions.

Can you rehome pets on Facebook?

Facebook banned animal sales back in 2017, but the social media platform stepped up enforcement on the practice earlier this year. … We will still allow such sales if posted by brick-and-mortar entities, animal rehoming, and adoption agencies and shelters.

How can I sell my dog online?

What Are The Best Places to Sell Puppies Online?

  1. Social Media. While you may not make an official sale on sites like Facebook and Instagram, it is a great way to let others know you are a breeder who is ready to sell. …
  2. Puppy Find. …
  3. Hoobly Classifieds. …
  4. Gumtree. …
  5. Next Day Pets. …
  6. American Kennel Club. …
  7. Puppy Spot.
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Can you sell pets on Instagram?

Thousands of household pets such as puppies, kittens and rabbits are sold through Instagram posts with the hashtag #forsale. Users can also browse through a selection of exotic animals requiring specialist care such as snakes, horses and turtles.

How do I sell a puppy on Craigslist?

Place your ad in the “community” section of the website. Include several clear pictures of your pet to give potential adopters a good idea of what he looks like. List your pet’s age, physical characteristics, vaccinations and information about his temperament.

Can you sell puppies on eBay?

Pets and most live animals aren’t allowed on eBay. The few that can be listed must follow our policy. Our live animals policy reflects our commitment to animal welfare and the protection of native, endangered, and threatened species.