Your question: Where is frequency cap on Facebook ads?

Where is frequency cap in Facebook ads?

The Frequency Cap section is in the Optimization and Delivery section of the ad set section. Frequency caps are very straightforward, but there is some theory that you need to understand to execute them correctly. When you are doing a reach campaign the default setting is 1 in every 7 days.

How do you find the frequency cap?

In the page menu on the left, click Campaign settings, then select the Video campaign you want to add a frequency cap to. Click Additional settings. Select Frequency capping. Cap impression frequency: Limit how many times ads in this campaign can show to the same user.

Can you limit frequency on Facebook?

Your frequency cap allows you to adjust the number of times, on average, a person will be shown your ad within a set period of time. The frequency cap impacts how many people you will be able to reach and how frequently those people will see your ads.

How do I manage frequency on Facebook ads?

15 ways to lower your Facebook ad frequency (and increase your relevance score)

  1. Set up frequency rules.
  2. Know who you’re targeting.
  3. Create custom audiences.
  4. Exclude irrelevant audiences.
  5. Stop targeting uninterested people.
  6. Target existing leads.
  7. Create a lookalike audience.
  8. Use geotargeting and nanotargeting.
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Where is frequency in Google ads?

To see data for a specific period, click the date range selector on the top corner of the page and select a date range. You can select up to 31 days. When you hover over a value in the “Frequency distribution” column in Google Ads, a histogram will appear to show you how the frequency distribution changes over time.

What is frequency cap in advertising?

A feature that limits the number of times your Display or Video ads appear to the same person. Frequency is the number of times a user sees ads in your Display or Video campaign over a given time period.

How do I change the frequency cap on Google ads?

How to set a frequency cap on an existing campaign

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. Select All campaigns in the navigation panel.
  3. Click the name of the campaign to be delivered.
  4. Select Settings in the page menu.
  5. Click Additional settings.
  6. Select Frequency capping.

Can you change frequency cap Facebook ads?

All frequency caps are based on impressions, except for 2-second continuous video views optimization, which is view-based. For example, in the reach objective, you can set a custom frequency cap of 2 impressions per 7 days. This cap means that any one person will see at most 2 impressions every 7 days.