Will someone know if I watched their live video on Instagram after it has ended?

Bustle reached out to Instagram for confirmation of whether or not users can see who has viewed the content on their live video, and they confirmed that while users will be able to see who is commenting and reacting to the Live Story while it’s being aired, as well as see when each individual has “Joined” it.

Can you see who viewed your Instagram live after it ended?

Upon ending the live video stream, a recap screen appears. You’ll see how many viewers watched the video and have the option to share your video for the next 24 hours.

Can you see who views your live after it’s over?

Can you see who watched your Facebook Live after? After your Facebook Live video has ended, you won’t be able to see who specifically viewed your video during its live broadcast.

How can I see who watched my Instagram live?

To see who viewed a video on your Instagram story, you’ll have to tap the story while it’s still live. The total number will appear in the bottom left hand corner. Tap to scroll and view the names of all the users who’ve watched the story. For a video posted to your profile feed, tap the label underneath the post.

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How can I see who viewed my live video on Instagram?

There is a small counter with an “eye” icon that gives you the latest number of people watching your live feed. If you tap on the “eye” icon, you can see all the usernames that have joined your live broadcast. Things get even better when followers interact with your Instagram Live video.

Can a person tell I’m watching their live video if I don’t interact or comment on it?

No, he/she can’t know if you are watching his/her live video unless you comment on that live video.

When you watch a live stream can they see you?

A live stream is a one-way video broadcast where the audience will be able to visually see the live streamer. The live streamer will also be able to “see” who is watching their live stream and have the ability to chat and interact with their audience – but the faces of the audience cannot be seen.

How do you join someone’s live without them knowing?

Here’s how to watch someone’s Instagram story without them knowing:

  1. Click on the story before or after the one you want to watch. …
  2. Then press pause. …
  3. Swipe and peek, but don’t swipe completely! …
  4. It will even keep the circle saying you haven’t watched the story completely in tact. …
  5. Here’s a video on how to do it.
  6. Tread carefully.

How do you tell if you accidentally went live on Instagram?

Instagram won’t notify a user or send any type of push notification if another person watches their live replay, but they will show up under the list of people who have watched it along with those that watched the live when it was actually “live.” Just like stories, the live will remain up for 24 hours and everyone who …

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