Why won’t YouTube play on my smart TV?

Close the YouTube app, then re-open it and try again. Close other apps that may be running, such as Netflix® streaming series. Make sure your TV is connected to the internet. For internet connection issues, perform network diagnosis on your TV.

Why is YouTube not opening on my TV?

Close and restart the YouTube TV app or your web browser. If you’re trying to stream through the app on your phone or another device, fully close and restart the app. … After the app or browser starts back up, check to see if YouTube TV works. Android: How to close apps on Android.

How do I get YouTube to work on my Smart TV?

You can cast to your TV using your mobile device or computer with these steps:

  1. Connect your mobile device or computer and streaming device to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Open YouTube TV on your mobile device or computer.
  3. Tap Cast. …
  4. Select your device. …
  5. Use your mobile device or computer to control YouTube TV on your TV.
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How do I fix YouTube not working on my smart TV?

Troubleshoot video streaming issues

  1. Restart your device.
  2. Close & reopen the YouTube TV app.
  3. Check for app or device updates.
  4. Check your internet connection.
  5. Check on your location permissions.
  6. Restart your browser & devices.
  7. Check for browser updates.
  8. Check your internet connection.

How do you update YouTube on a smart TV?

How do I update pre-installed apps such as Netflix or YouTube™? (Android TV™)

  1. Select Apps — Google Play Store — Settings — Auto-update apps — Auto-update apps at any time. (Android™ 8.0 or later)
  2. Select Google Play Store — Settings — Auto-update apps — Auto-update apps at any time. (Android 7.0 or earlier)

How do I reset YouTube on my Smart TV?

Select Settings. Under the TV category, select Apps. Select YouTube. Select Clear data, and then OK.

Why is YouTube com activate not working?

Make sure you’ve updated your YouTube app to the latest version in Google Play. Uninstall and reinstall the app on your device (even if you have the latest version). Make sure you’re using a Google Account to sign in. Try adding your Google Account to your mobile device using the instructions for Android devices.

What is TV code for YouTube?

Find the code

Open the YouTube app on your Smart TV or streaming device. Go to Settings . Scroll to Link with TV code. A blue TV code will show on your TV.

How do you restart the YouTube app?

Clear the app’s cache and data

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Go into Apps & notifications.
  3. Find the YouTube app under See all apps.
  4. Tap on Storage & cache.
  5. Hit Clear Cache.
  6. You can also select Clear storage for a clean start.
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How do I clear cache on YouTube on Samsung Smart TV?

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Tap the Home button on your Samsung smart TV’s remote control.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Select Apps.
  4. Go to the System apps.
  5. Choose the app you want to clear the cache with.
  6. Tap on “Clear cache”.
  7. Tap OK to confirm.

Is there a difference between the YouTube app and the YouTube TV app?

Your experience watching YouTube on TV will differ based on the YouTube app that’s running on your smart TV or media streaming device. The latest version of the YouTube app is available on 2013 and later device models, and some 2012 device models.

Is YouTube TV a different app than YouTube?

In a nutshell, YouTube TV is a live TV streaming service that’s available in the United States. … Nonetheless, YouTube TV is not YouTube, and you will need two apps on your streaming devices if you want to access both.

Can you access YouTube from YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is a paid membership that brings you live TV from major broadcast networks, popular cable networks, and premium networks, along with popular shows from YouTube creators. … However, if you’re both a YouTube Premium and YouTube TV member, you can watch your favorite YouTube videos on YouTube TV ads-free.