Why is Instagram forcing me to add my phone number?

It’s just a way to verify your account. The two step-verification is just one method two make sure your account is safe and can be recovered in case you forget your login data. You are not required to add your phone numbers, also it won’t be displayed for other users.

What if I don’t want to give Instagram my phone number?

To take off phone number from Instagram:

  1. Open Instagram app.
  2. Login to your account.
  3. Go to your profile by tapping on profile picture in the bottom right corner.
  4. Tap on three-line icon on top right.
  5. Tap on Setting.
  6. Tap on Personal Information (the last section)
  7. Add an email to your Instagram account.

Is it mandatory to add phone number in Instagram?

To enhance the security of your account, Facebook and Instagram advise users to add their phone numbers. Specifically, you need to provide your phone number in order to use two-factor authentication.

Why does Instagram want me to verify my phone number?

Whether Instagram asks for your phone number upon registration or at a later time, the reasons for this could include: Keeping you and other users safe—Requesting a phone number makes registering and managing an account difficult for spammers and people who create multiple accounts.

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How do I remove my mobile number from Instagram 2021?

Tap on the hamburger menu, on the top-right corner. Select Settings. Select Email and SMS notifications. Toggle Off the Text (SMS) Messages, to stop receiving the Text Notifications from Instagram.

Why dont I get SMS from Instagram?

Here are some things you can do if you don’t receive an Instagram security code: … Ensure that you have service and you can receive the SMS code. Change the phone number on your account to your most recent phone number. Try incognito mode to log in from a different IP address.

Why does Instagram always ask me to verify my account?

Instagram will begin requiring accounts it deems suspicious to verify their identities using a government-issued ID. In its blog post, Instagram says this move is meant to help the company understand when accounts are “attempting to mislead their followers” and keep the Instagram community safe.

What is suspicious activity on Instagram?

Suspicious activity on Instagram can include anything from inappropriate or offensive behavior to repetitive or great amounts of activity within a short period of time. Behavior refers to all activity including posting photos or videos, commenting, messaging, creating search histories, and in some cases, liking.

How do I remove my phone number from Instagram 2020?

Note: This tutorial was conducted on an Android smartphone but the same steps applies for iOS devices too.

  1. Step 1: On the profile page of your Instagram account, tap the Edit Profile button.
  2. Step 2: Under the Profile Information section, tap the Phone number.
  3. Step 3: Now delete the phone number.
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