Why can’t I see someone live on Instagram?

The reason why you face problems using Instagram live is due to Instagram features, bugs, or phone bugs. To join to an Instagram live video you should have two-person feature in your Instagram account. As you see in the picture the username of each viewer is listed to choose from.

Can someone block you from their Instagram live?

Just tap the camera in the top left corner. Then tap the gear or settings button in the top left corner. Then go to the Hide Story From section and choose who you want to hide from your Instagram Live stream.

How do I see someone on Instagram live?

When someone you follow shares a live broadcast, their profile picture will appear at the top of Feed with a colorful ring around it and the word Live. Tap or click their profile picture to view their live broadcast. You can watch live broadcasts on the Instagram app or on Instagram.com.

When you hide someone from your story on Instagram can they see your live?

No, they can’t see your lives. Instagram lives are considered an extension of a regular story. Thus, someone who is blocked from your stories cannot view your lives either.

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When you join Instagram live can they see your face?

By tapping on the new icon with two smiley faces, you can also see the current viewers on your live video, as well as your requests. All you have to do is tap the “View” button and choose to add the friend who requested to be added, or cancel the request. No, they cannot see you through the screen.

How do you join someone’s live without them knowing?

Here’s how to watch someone’s Instagram story without them knowing:

  1. Click on the story before or after the one you want to watch. …
  2. Then press pause. …
  3. Swipe and peek, but don’t swipe completely! …
  4. It will even keep the circle saying you haven’t watched the story completely in tact. …
  5. Here’s a video on how to do it.
  6. Tread carefully.

Can a person tell I’m watching their live video if I don’t interact or comment on it?

No, he/she can’t know if you are watching his/her live video unless you comment on that live video.

Can you hide your live from someone?

Make sure you’re on your own profile and then tap the three horizontal lines in the top right corner. Tap “Settings” and then go to “Privacy” Tap “Story” as listed under “Interactions” Tap “Hide My Story From”

How long will my live be blocked on Instagram?

It usually lasts up to 24 hours. You may get it after you break some of Instagram’s terms of service.