What is the other section on Instagram?

posts or notifications where you’ve been mentioned or tagged, saved posts. and posts that show up on the Following tab in your notifications.

What is the other category on Instagram insights?

From Profile: This number comes from the amount of times a user clicked on your post directly from your profile. Other: Impressions under the “Other” category can come from a variety of sources, including post shares, saves, photo and video tags, mentions, and post notifications.

What does other mean in impressions on Instagram?

It means that “from other” is a traffic from: shares – when people share the post via direct messages; saved posts – when someone add post to “saved” and view it later; entries from another posts and conversations where profile has been mentioned and tagged; posts that show up on the Following tab in the notifications.

What is impressions from other?

Impressions from Hashtags – your post was viewed from a hashtag search. Impressions from Explore – your post was viewed from the Explore page. Impressions from Other – your post was viewed from another source.

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What does interactions mean on Instagram?

Interactions includes how many people have visited your profile, how many have clicked on the link in your bio, and how many have asked for directions to your business (if you’ve listed an address). Discovery, meanwhile, shows you the total reach and impressions of your content this week.

Can you see who saved your Instagram post?

The only way to see who has saved your post is to ask your followers in an Instagram Story. To see how many people saved it, go to Settings > Account > Switch to Business Account or Switch to Creator Account > View insights.

How many impressions is good on Instagram?

Larger: Brands with large followings should aim to meet or exceed an average Reach Rate of 15% for an Instagram post and 2% for an Instagram Story. Smaller: Brands with a smaller number of followers should aim to meet or exceed the higher benchmark of 36% of their audience through posts and 7% through Stories.

What’s the difference between Reach and impressions?

No matter how successful your campaign, you’ll usually notice your impressions are higher. Impressions refer to the total number of times a post or story is viewed, while your reach refers to the number of unique viewers.

What are impressions vs reach?

Reach is the total number of people who see your content. Impressions are the number of times your content is displayed, no matter if it was clicked or not. Think of reach as the number of unique people who see your content.

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What are impressions on Instagram story?

Impressions. Each time a story is viewed by a user, Instagram counts as an impression, even if they have viewed the story before. If 10 followers each view your story five times, the result is 50 impressions.

How do I see my Instagram impressions?

You can go over to the activity dashboard, scroll to the bottom and that’s where you’ll find the impressions. If you want to see the Instagram impressions of the latest picture you have posted just go to that picture and click on insights. On the bottom right you’ll find out how many impressions your post has gotten.

What are impressions?

An impression (also known as a view-through) is when a user sees an advertisement. In practice, an impression occurs any time a user opens an app or website and an advertisement is visible. It is not to be confused with an engagement.

What does forwards mean on Instagram story?

Taps Forward is the number of taps users made to see the next photo or video in your story, while Taps Back is the number of taps users made to see the previous photo or video in your story. A high number of taps forward isn’t ideal.

What do secret admirers mean on Instagram?

On top of all that, they can give you the scoop about who’s liking your Instagram pictures the most, even if they’re not following you. Hence, your “secret admirers.” Now, someone consistently liking your posts doesn’t always have a more significant meaning.

What does sticker taps mean on Instagram?

What are sticker taps in Instagram Stories? This important engagement metric indicates the number of times users have interacted with the Stickers you place in your Stories. Stickers is the generic term used to describe geotags, hashtags, mentions or product stickers.

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