What is the fastest liked post on Instagram?

Who has the fastest likes on Instagram?

Jungkook broke the Guinness World Record for the Fastest Instagram post to reach 1M likes, previously held by Juilette Freire from Brazil, who took 3 minutes.

What is the most liked Instagram post 2020?

1. World Record Egg. Yes, the world record egg has done it again! This tiny egg has continued to break the internet and Kylie Jenner’s previous record of 18 million likes.

Which is the most liked post on Instagram?

‘The World Record Egg was posted three years ago today and is STILL the most liked picture on Instagram with 55.5 million likes!’ Guinness World Records confirmed.

Who has the fastest 1 million likes on Instagram?

Jungkook’s first Instagram post of the year crossed one million likes in just two minutes. With this, Jungkook has become the fastest person to achieve this feat. The K-pop singer has also broken the Guinness World Record for the Fastest Instagram post to reach 1M likes.

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What is the most liked photo on Instagram 2021?

Most Liked Posts On Instagram

S. No. Post Likes
1. An Egg 55.3 Million
2. Ariana’s Wedding 26.7 Million
3. XXXTentacion’s last Instagram Post 25.7 Million
4. Revealing Billie’s Blonde Hair 23.1 Million

What is the most liked Instagram post 2021?

From Ariana Grande’s Wedding To Tom Holland And Zendaya, These Are 2021’s Most-Liked Instagram Posts

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo’s baby announcement. …
  2. Ariana Grande’s wedding. …
  3. Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy announcement. …
  4. Billie’s new hair. …
  5. Lionel Messi Signs with Paris Saint-Germain F.C. …
  6. Billie’s vogue cover.

What is the most liked photo ever?

1. An egg. This picture of an egg cracked Kylie Jenner’s Instagram record by a long shot, with over 55 million likes at the time of writing. The world_record_egg account began a campaign to set the world record for the most liked post on Instagram, and it was an invitation people just couldn’t turn down.

What are the top 10 most liked picture on Instagram?

Here are the 10 most liked Instagram photos ever

  • world_record_egg. 4.8M followers. View profile. …
  • xxxtentacion. 19.6M followers. View profile. …
  • billieeilish. 98.6M followers. View profile. …
  • cristiano. 376M followers. …
  • chadwickboseman. 11.2M followers. …
  • jenniferaniston. 39.1M followers. …
  • leomessi. 293M followers. …
  • arianagrande. 285M followers.

Which is the most liked reel on Instagram?

Most Liked Instagram Reels

S. No. Video Likes
1. 3 years of Stormi 11.4 Million
2. Summer is coming 10.7 Million
3. Chill, please! I’m relaxing 10.4 Million
4. Lol! Open the door this way 10.1 Million
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What is Ronaldo’s most liked?

Before Messi’s photograph with the Copa America trophy, Cristiano Ronaldo held the record of having the most liked sports photo on Instagram. On November 25, 2020, after Diego Maradona passed away, Ronaldo had posted a photo of him with the legendary Argentine which got 19,878,717 likes.

Who has the most posts on Instagram in world?

The Most Posting Instagram Profiles

Rank Profile Total Posts (today)
1 | Tweet smsaruae 316,619 (0)
2 | Tweet DNA 237,414 ( 14)
3 | Tweet 38747600 237,392 (0)
4 | Tweet Larry Walker 234,009 (0)

Is BTS V on Instagram?

BTS may just be a month old on Instagram, but that hasn’t stopped them from taking the Insta game by storm! Leading the charge is none other than V who just made a new World Record with his staggering 30 million followers on the gram. Here’s what his newest feat is all about.

What the most liked YouTube video?

1. “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee (46.18m likes) Leaving the competition far behind, the video for “Despacito” has been the most-liked video on YouTube for over 900 days.

How much money do you make if you have 1 million followers on Instagram?

Influencers with a million followers can earn somewhere around $670 per post, the search marketing website says. A content creator on Instagram with 100,000 followers can earn about $200 per post, while someone with 10,000 followers can make about $88 per post.