Quick Answer: How do I change my Facebook page name on my phone?

Why can’t I change the name of my Facebook page?

If you don’t see the option to edit your Page’s name: You don’t have a Page role that allows you to change your Page’s name. … You or another admin recently changed your Page’s name. There may be limits on your Page.

How do I edit my page name on Facebook?

From the Facebook homepage, click Pages in the sidebar menu on the left.

  1. Click “Pages” in the menu on the left. …
  2. Click “Edit Page Info.” …
  3. Type a new name in the “Name” text box. …
  4. Click “Request Change.” …
  5. Tap “Pages.” …
  6. Tap on the page you want to change the name of. …
  7. Go to “Settings.”

How many times can I change my Facebook page name?

There is no limit to how many times you can change your page’s name, just so long as those changes are spaced about seven days apart.

How do you change a page name?

How To Change Facebook Page Name

  1. Step #1: From your News Feed, click Pages in the left menu.
  2. Step #2: Go to your Page and click Page Settings in the bottom left.
  3. Step #3: Click Page Info in the left column.
  4. Step #4: Click your Page’s name.
  5. Step #5: Enter a new Page name and click outside the page name box.
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