Question: Who sees my replies on Instagram?

Yes, your comments are visible to your followers if you’ve made the comments on your profile or some other public Instagram handle. However your followers wont be able to see your comments on a private Instagram handle, even if you tag them in those comments, they wont be able to see.

When you reply to a comment on Instagram who sees it?

The person who posted the original picture will see all the comments and likes in their notifications, so you don’t need to worry about tagging them. If you are replying to the comment of someone else on that picture then you need to tag that third person so that they see your comment.

Are replies on Instagram public?

Recently Instagram introduced the latest feature onto the photo sharing app. Users are now able to invite their followers to ask them questions, which they can then publicly answer.

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Are Instagram replies private?

Comments on Instagram are never truly private. Even if you comment on the post of someone with a private account, all of their followers will still be able to read it. If you really want to leave someone a private comment, send it as a message.

Can my friends see when I comment on someone’s post?

However, your friends will see a comment if they can also see the photo. For example, if you comment on a friend’s photo, only mutual friends will see the comment on your wall, but if you comment on a photo on a public page or a friend’s profile that is open to the public, everyone will see the comment on your wall.

Who gets notified when you comment on a post?

Now, only the person who wrote that particular comment will be notified, and not everybody else who have written comments on the original posting. This is also a way to get a discussion thread going. Their reply now will be displayed just beneath yours.

Can people see your responses on Instagram stories?

Followers’ responses are not shared publicly: only you can see them. And if you share one of their responses to answer in a Story, their photo and username won’t appear.

Why do instagrammers want comments?

When a post receives a ton of likes and comments, this signals to the Instagram algorithm that your post is quality, engaging content that more people will want to see, so the Instagram algorithm will show it to more users.

Can others see my comments on Instagram?

Only your approved followers can see your posts, including any likes and comments. When you like a public post, your like will be visible to everyone and your username will be clickable below the post, but only approved followers can see your posts.

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Can Instagram comments be private?

Press the person icon at the bottom-right corner of the page to navigate to your profile. Press the three horizontal lines at the top-right corner of the page. Navigate to Settings > Privacy > Comments. Press the Hide Offensive Comments toggle.

What happens when you respond to a story on Instagram?

When a friend replies to your story with a photo or a video, you’ll see it in your inbox. You can tap to view it and also see a sticker of the original story that’s only visible to you. As with disappearing photos and videos in Direct, your friends will know when you’ve taken a screenshot or replayed a reply.

Does making your Instagram Public increase followers?

1- They make their Instagram private to gain more followers

But if their account is public, that person would only view the post in DM without following.

How do I limit who can see my comments on other people’s posts?

You can’t hide a comment on Facebook and make it visible to fewer people than can see the content that it’s commenting on. Your only choices are to delete it or leave it visible to whoever can see the post or photo.

How do I stop my comments appearing on friends news feed?

Click the “Edit” button next to each app and then click the audience selector next to the “Posts on your behalf” option. Select who these posts should be visible to or click “Only Me” to prevent them from appearing on anyone’s news feed.

How do I block someone from seeing my comments on Instagram?

Tap Privacy, then tap Comments. Next to Block comments from, tap People. Enter the name of the person you want to block, then tap Block next to their name.

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