Question: How long is a TikTok live ban?

How long does a temporary ban last on Tiktok? This ban is not indefinite. You will be advised as to how long your ban will be, which can range from one day to two weeks.

How long do you get banned from TikTok live?

If your ban is a temporary one, TikTok will inform you of how long it will last. For example, if you’re banned from going live on TikTok for 7 days, you’ll see a “Livestream restrictions” tab that says “7d”. If that’s the case, you need to wait 7 days before you can go live on TikTok again.

How long do you get muted for on TikTok live?

TikTok is rolling out updated mute settings for comments and questions during live streams. Hosts (or their trusted helper) can now temporarily silence a viewer for a few seconds or minutes—or the duration of the broadcast, if necessary.

Can I get my TikTok account back after being banned?

If your account has been banned, you will receive a banner notification when you next open the app, informing you of this account change. If you believe your account was banned incorrectly, let us know by submitting an appeal. To submit an appeal: 1.

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How long does it take to get unbanned on TikTok?

A TikTok appeal typically takes 1 to 3 business days. What is this? If you’ve submitted the “Share your feedback” form, TikTok will respond to you via the email address that you’ve provided. In the email, TikTok will update you on the status of your appeal.

How do I get rid of TikTok live comments?

When the Live menu appears, press “settings,” which should be displayed on the screen’s right-hand side. A slider will appear, and if you turn it off, it will prevent other people from commenting on your live streams at all.

What is a TikTok moderator?

First off, TikTok is adding a new option which will enable broadcasters to assign ‘Live moderators’, being a person, or people, that can help them manage their streams. As you can see here, Live Moderators enables you to add in other users who can then manage your comments and commenting functions during a stream.

Why is my TikTok banned?

TikTok has a range of reasons for banning its users, these include: Breaching Community Guidelines – including content that is illegal. Sexually Explicit content. Spam messages or comments.