Question: How do I track link clicks on Facebook ads?

Facebook doesn’t offer an analytics feature that allows you to track clicks on links added to the Facebook wall. The only way to track clicks from your Facebook wall links is to use a URL shortening service for each external link that you post to your wall.

How do I see my link clicks on Facebook ads?

To see your link click results broken down by specific destinations, go to Ads Manager and click Breakdown→ By action→ Link click destination. The metric Clicks (All) includes link clicks as well as clicks on other parts of your ad (e.g. someone clicks on your Page’s name).

How do I track link clicks on Facebook pixels?

Make sure your Facebook pixel is installed on all your website pages.

  1. Create a new custom HTML tag.
  2. In your Facebook account, navigate to ‘Business Tools’ > ‘Events Manager’.
  3. Click the green plus sign on the left sidebar .
  4. Click ‘Connect a Data Source’.
  5. Click ‘Web’ and then ‘Get Started’.
  6. Click ‘Facebook Pixel’.
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How can you tell who clicked on a link?

Tracking link clicks on websites

For websites, you can use Google Analytics. To do this, enable the analytics tools provided by Google and use their measurements to check all your clicked links arriving at the website.

What happens when someone clicks on a Facebook ad?

When someone clicks on your ad, they’ll land on the destination that you choose based on the objective you choose. Your ad can send people to: Pages, apps or events you admin on Facebook.

What is difference between clicks and link clicks?

Clicks (all) occurs when someone clicks on any link or media on your Facebook Ad. Link Clicks occurs when someone clicks a link or CTA (Call-To-Action) on your ad that sends them to your defined landing page or follow-up experience.

Are link clicks engagement?

While the Link Clicks metric doesn’t necessarily take into account the quality of traffic, it can give you a good idea of overall engagement with your ad. To better understand what happens after someone clicks on your ad, you can compare Link Clicks to other metrics, such as Landing Page Views.

How are estimated link clicks calculated?

Here’s the simple formula to determine cost per click:

  1. Total Cost / Number of Clicks. …
  2. Related Formula: Cost Per Thousand Impressions. …
  3. Related Formula: Click-Through Rate. …
  4. (Revenue Generated – Cost of Campaign) / Cost of Campaign) x 100. …
  5. Related Formula: Conversion Rate. …
  6. (Number of Conversions / Number of Clicks) x 100.

What is the difference between landing page views and link clicks?

What is the difference between link clicks and landing page views? A landing page view is when a user lands on your ad’s destination URL after clicking a link in your ad and fully loads it. A link click measures only the click on a link and does not take into consideration whether the page was loaded or not.

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Can you see who clicked on your Facebook link?

No, Facebook does not share this information.

How can I find out how many people clicked on a link?

Click on the category “Links” and select event label and there you will be able to see the specific links clicked on your website. Additionally, by collecting this data you will be able to create custom segments in Google Analytics to view the behavior of these audience members if needed.

How does click tracking work?

How does it work? Click tracking works by overwriting the link in the body of a message to go through our own portal before redirecting a user to the final destination. For example, if you paste a link like, we will transform that into another unique link.

What is link clicks?

Definition: This metric measures the number of clicks on links within an ad that users clicked on. The links can lead to destinations or experiences either on or off Facebook. Clicks on ads that promote Instagram profile views include clicks on the ad header or comments that lead to the business page.

Where do people go after clicking ads?

Your landing page is where users go after they click on your ad.