How do I use Facebook Collection ads?

How do I run a collection ad on Facebook?

In the Ad setup section, select Collection. In the Customise your Instant Experience section, choose an available template or search for an existing Instant Experience. You can also build your own custom Instant Experience.

What is a Facebook collection ads?

A collection ad in Facebook News Feed includes a cover image or video followed by 3 product images. When someone taps on a collection ad, they see an Instant Experience—a full-screen landing page that drives engagement and nurtures interest and intent.

When should you use an ad collection?

Have a catalog of four or more products. Want to display your products in a grid so people can browse them in one place. Have one main video or image to highlight, followed by other related products. Want to drive people to your website or app to make a purchase.

Do collections ads work?

Multiple case studies have proven them to have incredibly high-converting potential even though they’re a mobile-only format. Ashley’s HomeStore ran Collection Ads that resulted in 35% lift in sales, 8X incremental return on ad spend, and 3.26 million people reached.

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How do I create a collection ad?

To create your collection ad from Ads Manager:

  1. Go to Ads Manager.
  2. Click + Create in the top left.
  3. Choose an objective that supports the collection format and then click Continue.
  4. Add your Campaign Details, A/B Test and Campaign Budget Optimization information if needed, then click Next.

Can I see who viewed my collection on Facebook?

Yes, you can see who viewed your featured collection on Facebook. However, you can only see the names of people that viewed your collection if they are friends with you on Facebook. If they are not friends with you on Facebook, they will be categorized as “Other viewers” instead of “Viewers”.

Which placement can be used for collection ad?

How to create a collection ad on Facebook. When you go to create a Facebook ad, choose the collection format under Ad Setup. You have to use Facebook or Instagram placements and must use one of the following objectives: Traffic.

What is a collection ad?

Collection is an ad format that lets people move from discovery to purchase in a smooth and immersive way. … Customers who tap on your collection ad to browse or learn more will be seamlessly taken to a fast-loading visual post-click experience powered by Instant Experience—all without leaving Facebook or Instagram.

What is the difference between Carousel and collection ads?

Each of them utilizes a post-click experience that carousel ads do not. Instead of driving potential customers back to your sales page, collection ads open up a store directly in the Facebook app, making it easier for someone to find the products they need.

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What are the types of Facebook ads?

Types of Facebook ads

  • Image ads. These simple ads are a great way to get started with Facebook paid advertising. …
  • Video ads. Video ads can run in the News Feed and Stories, or they can appear as in-stream ads in longer Facebook videos. …
  • Poll ads. …
  • Carousel ads. …
  • Slideshow ads. …
  • Collection ads. …
  • Instant Experience ads. …
  • Lead ads.

What are Facebook carousel ads?

The carousel format lets you show 2 or more images and/or videos in a single ad, each with its own headline, description, link and call to action. To scroll through a carousel, people swipe on their mobile device or click the arrows on their computer screen.