How do I stop watching YouTube for good?

Why do I keep watching YouTube?

If you can’t stop watching youtube, It means it is an addiction, just like alcohol, cigarette, ganja etc. Psychiatry says addiction is the cause of dopamine rush. Dopamine trains your brain to avoid unpleasant experiences and seek out pleasurable ones. Dopamine is considered as the pleasure chemical.

Is watching YouTube bad for your brain?

Now mental health experts warn that YouTube is a growing source of anxiety and inappropriate sexual behavior among kids under the age of 13, and parents and educators need to get involved. Watching “fear-inducing videos cause the brain to receive a small amount of dopamine,” said Dr.

How do you avoid YouTube?

How To Block YouTube on Your Computer With a Browser Extension

  1. Open YouTube on your browser.
  2. Now, click on the extensions icon on the top right corner of the browser.
  3. Click on the “Block Site” extension.
  4. Click on the “Block this site” button. That’s it. YouTube is now blocked on this browser.

How do I block YouTube without blocking Google?

Install Blocksite (free Chrome Extension) and add in the blocked site list. Add a password to Blocksite so the kids cannot unblock YT. You need to type in your password to remove YT from the list of Blocked sites when they earn the privilege of screen time.

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Does YouTube cause depression?

YouTube was also the only social network where anxiety, depression, and loneliness lessened with use. Many YouTubers actively try to create an online community where users can support one another. However, a major downside to YouTube was that it has the most negative effect on sleep.

How do you know when your addicted to YouTube?

If You’ve Done 21/32 Then You’re Addicted To YouTube

  1. Had a YouTube channel. Had a YouTube channel.
  2. Subscribed to over 10 channels. …
  3. Subscribed to over 20 channels. …
  4. Subscribed to over 50 channels. …
  5. Subscribed to over 100 channels. …
  6. Commented on a video. …
  7. Liked a video. …
  8. Got into an argument in the comments section of a video.

What are the negative effects of YouTube?

Negative effects of YouTube:

  • Misinforms.
  • Increases expenses.
  • Increases screen time.
  • Kills productivity.
  • Not all content is advocates for good.

How can I restrict what my child watches on YouTube?

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Access and sign in to your YouTube/Google account.
  2. Click the “Settings” button in the left sidebar.
  3. Click the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page that reads: “Restricted Mode: Off.”
  4. Select “On” to lock Restricted Mode on this browser.
  5. Click “Save.”

Can I block YouTube channels?

Block a Channel on YouTube on Android, iPhone, or iPad

On the channel screen that opens, tap the three-dot menu in the top-right corner. Select “Block User” from the menu that appears. Tap “Block” in the “Block User” prompt that opens on your screen. Your selected channel will now be blocked.

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How do I disable YouTube on Chrome?

How to Block YouTube on Google Chrome on a Desktop

  1. Open Mobicip on your browser and log in.
  2. Click on the Family tab on the top menu.
  3. Scroll down until you see Websites.
  4. Click on the arrow on the right side.
  5. Under Blocked websites, type in “ .”
  6. Click Block.

How can I block YouTube on my Iphone?

You can restrict a phone’s access to YouTube by doing this:

  1. Tap Settings→General→Restrictions.
  2. In the Restrictions screen that appears, tap Enable Restrictions. …
  3. Enter your passcode. …
  4. Tap YouTube so that the Off button, rather than the On button, is displayed.

How do I block YouTube on Google WIFI?

Set up site blocking

  1. Open the Google Wifi app and tap the. tab.
  2. Tap Family Wi-Fi .
  3. Tap Site blocking.
  4. If you haven’t set up any family labels yet, you’ll need to do that first. Labels help you identify the different devices using your network. …
  5. Tap the toggle next to a label to turn on automatic blocking for that label.