How do I share a live link from Facebook to WhatsApp?

To share a Facebook video to WhatsApp, you need to go to the original post carrying the video and simply tap on the ‘Share’ button at the bottom of the video right next to the ‘Like’ and ‘Comment’ buttons. Tap on Share and select WhatsApp.

Can I send a link from Facebook to WhatsApp?

Now, just exit the Facebook app, and open WhatApp. Here open the conversation of your choice and paste the copied URL of the Facebook video and tap on the send icon to share it with your WhatsApp contact. That’s it!

Can you share a Facebook live video?

When you go live on Facebook, your live video will automatically upload to your profile, Page, or group after the live stream has ended. Below a post, tap Share in the bottom right.

How do I share a Facebook link?

To share a link from your Page:

  1. In the top left of Facebook, tap your profile picture.
  2. Tap Pages.
  3. Go to your Page and tap Publish.
  4. Add the link you want to share.
  5. Tap Post.

How do I get the Facebook live stream URL?

In the Select a video source section, click on Streaming Software. Facebook will display a Stream Key. Expand the Advanced Settings section to reveal the Server URL. The Stream Key and Server URL will be used in the Live module.

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How do you copy a link from a live video on Facebook?

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  1. Open Facebook.
  2. Tap a video you want to copy.
  3. Tap the icon with three dots (…) above the video.
  4. Tap Copy Link.

How do you share a Facebook like and live?

Sharing Your Facebook Live Video

  1. Be sure you are signed in to the account associated with your Facebook Business Page.
  2. Find your video. …
  3. Find “Videos” in the sidebar. …
  4. Click “Share.” Click “Share to a page.”
  5. Now you can share your Facebook live video on your own Facebook Business Page!

How do I create a link to my WhatsApp?

Create your own link

Use where the is a full phone number in international format. Omit any zeroes, brackets, or dashes when adding the phone number in international format.